Can anyone recommend a Hashimotos

diet book? I was diagnosed in 2011 and feel mostly well, but still have intermittent symptoms. I haven't really changed anything in my life since this diagnosis, but feel I should try to improve things through diet. I think I eat healthily, lots of fruit and veg, and I mostly cook from scratch, but I am not gluten or dairy free. Thank you

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I was diagnosed with Hashi's just over a year ago and told no "extra" treatment needed, just carry on with levo 100mcg! I wasn't happy about that and did my own research and decided to go gluten and lacto free. after 3 months my antibodies had reduced and I felt rather better!

I read Robb Wolf, the paleo diet and Isabella Wentz, Hashimot's thyroiditis. I found both books very helpful.

I am still gluten free but do have Arla lacto free milk, butter, cream and cheese.

Have you ever had your B12 , Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate levles checked, also sufficient Selenium is important.

Hope you make some progress.

I stumbled across a blog from a fellow hashimotos sufferer. She advocates the Low Carb High Fat diet that's been spoken about in the press a lot lately. Apparently Sweden has embraced this way of eating and had reduced obesity to just 13%. There is some correlation as hypos don't process carbohydrates very well. What also makes sense for me is the complete lack of process foods involved. Google it and see what you think. I've been on it for about a month and its suiting me. Notably no gas or digestion issues. I believe it's what we were designed to eat.

Doctor Isabella Wentz published a book, The root casue. You can get it on Amazon. Here is her website:

Carrie Vitt's website DeliciouslyOrganic and cookbook The Grain Free Family Table are excellent

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