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Adrenal glandular/cortex and high blood pressure

I have been diagnosed with toxicity of T4. I don't properly convert T4 to T3. I have cut my thyroxine to 50mcg and stopped Nature Throid completely for a month.

Dr P suggested that I stop thyroxine and take adrenal support. I have Hashimoto's and my TG antibodies are high 250. Recently went down from 430. I have high blood pressure.

I am supposed to take 1/2 adrenal rebuilder once a day for 5 days and later add 1/4 NutriThroid.

I am afraid that my BP will be even higher.

Also, what is the effect of adrenal glandulars on the autoimmune system? DR P does not pay much attention to autoimmunity.

I would appreciate your advice.

Thank you. Ella

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007999, the quickest way to reduce T4 toxicity is to stop taking any form of thyroid replacement for a month which should clear most of it. If you can't hack it without anything it would be better to take the smallest dose of T3 you can cope on but it will take longer, up to 14 weeks, to clear the T4 build up.

I've no experience of adrenal glandulars but I don't believe they have any effect on thyroid antibodies. 100% gluten-free diet is recommended to reduce antibodies.


Hello 007999,

I think adrenal glandulars are fine with Hashimotos. Just "start low and go slow". If anything, the improvement in adrenal health should help lower antibodies as cortisol is an anti imflammatory and will improve detoxification and immunity.

Dr Wilson explains that initial side effects may be felt due to the re-energising of physiological processes that get worn down with adrenal fatigue. A new spurt of detoxification and immune activity can induce feelings of unwellness but it is not the supplements themselves.

With enhanced adrenal function, the liver initially has to work harder to get rid of toxins that have built up throughout the body during the period of adrenal fatigue and stress. This means that the toxins are released from the cells and sent to the liver to be degraded and/or eliminated. Both the release of the toxins and the increased liver activity can create temporary aches, malaise and toxic symptoms.

We are all different and I still can't tolerate glandulars but keep trying a tiny bit every few days as I believe them to be hugely beneficial. If you are worried you could always buy a home BP machine in order to keep a close check. When starting the glandulars, drink a lot of water to promote healthy adrenal, immune and liver function, as well as facilitate elimination of toxins.

Dr P mentions auto immunity in his book.


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Hi 007999

Sorry I don't have any useful info on your post as I am an amateur compared to lovely people here. Just wondered what your symptoms of toxicity of T4? If you don't mind me asking x


I think your blood pressure may improve. For one thing, unless it is terribly high, you don't have to worry about it. It can be a healthy reaction to some problem. Blood pressure is controlled by the vagus nerve so improvements in the sympathetic nervous system should help you.

B vitamins are also very helpful to the nervous system.


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