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No diagnosis as yet

Hello all

I am writing a quick post as having terrible brain fog and everything takes me forever.

I have had a Neuro episode recently and Drs. Have referred me after a NORMAL bloods screening with a TSH of 1.1 and B12 of 251

Asked Dr for F T3 and F T4 but told lab would refuse and she just said that I definitely did not have a problem with Thyroid.

I feel terrible and have done for many years. Drs just say I am tired and emotional and depressed, prescribe Anti ds. And the trouble with carpel tunnel pain told to do palates! Chest pains and palpitations told my heart is fine.

BP normally 90/59 after episode eratic, can be anywhere between 145/90 to 88/49.

One Dr. Said I should only be monitoring my BP at 3 monthly intervals and that I had a strong heart beat. (No confidence in practice)

Have elevated cholesterol of 5.7 and Have changed my diet to Mediterranean and now GF.

Feeling a little better. Heart palps and pain less over last 2days.

Any one have any advice for me please😁😰

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Welcome to the forum, Shutup.

TSH 1.1 is in the low-normal range. TSH only testing can miss a diagnosis of secondary or tertiary hypothyroidism. You can order private thyroid tests from Blue Horizon and Genova via Blue Horizon's thyroid panel includes TSH, FT4, FT3, antibodies and some vitamins for £89 using the TUK discount code.

Palpitations and elevated cholesterol can be due to low thyroid hormone. Palpitations may also be due to low ferritin/iron. Ask your GP to test.

Your B12 is very low and can make you feel very unwell. <500 can present neuropathy and PA Society recommend 1,000 is optimal. Supplement 5,000mcg methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges, spray or patches for 6-8 weeks to boost levels and then reduce to 1,000mcg daily. Take a B Complex vitamin to keep the other B vits balanced.

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Thank you so much, Neurologist app next Friday. I will post any findings then, but will also get ahead by arming myself to do more self help. My Practice says only one problem discussed per appointment, makes me feel very flustered and end up missing things I wanted to say. Have to say before visit what the app. is for and then get asked what's the problem when I walk in!

I do lots to stay away from GPs and do so much self help. Hope consultant helps me more.

Lost sight, think it was in both eyes, then sat down sight came back but total side of head, face and neck began to tingle and then go numb and very sensitive; stayed numb for next 3 days. The night of the episode, my tongue swelled up and my eyes and face twitched constantly. Spent the next 2 weeks in a kind of zombie state but managed to visit Drs and go to Plebotics dept in local hospital. Came down with wired kind of flu symptoms and 1 week later had such a bad temporal head ache that I could not even stand.

Have seen optician and oppthamist and 3 Drs visits but nobody seems much bothered but me!

Heart fells like its being crushed and I feel invisible!

Sorry a bit miffed at the moment😨


Shutup, I'm not surprised you're miffed, it must have been very frightening.

Hold off supplementing B12 until you've seen the neurologist and ask the neuro whether symptoms might be due to low B12 causing neuropathy.

It might be worth asking advice on the PASOC forum as they're very knowledgeable about low B12 and B12 deficiency. Click on My Communities and select +Browse Communities and type PASoc into the search box.

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I have B12 deficiency and have to have jabs every three months. I know when my levels are down towards the end as I cant think or concentrate on anything x


Hi, sorry ferritin. 154 ug/L

Nothing about Iron!


Ferritin is stored iron - Hb is a measure of circulating iron levels.

As Clutter says, have a look at the PA site for low B12.

Just wanted to add that low Vitamin D was the cause of my carpal/cubital tunnel symptoms (& ribcage and shin pain) - worth eliminating anyway - took me 3 months supplementing to feel benefits. J :D

I like your name, Shutup....

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Shutup, ferritin 154 looks good, pretty much eliminates ferritin/iron as a problem.


These two links are just for information and may be helpful. I am sorry you are having a very rough time and it must be very frightening to get those sensations.

Many doctors are apt to diagnose only upon the TSH result and you will see from the above link that that maybe they should take more notice of symptoms than the TSH.


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