No trial of thyroxine for me!

I'm wondering if anyone else has been told this. Went to drs this pm to ask about a rash and possible adverse drug reaction.......I've been prescribed warfarin and beta blocker for a dx of AF since only happened once. Anyway as my TSH was just over range and T4 13.2 I asked if I could have a trial dose of 25mg thyroxine. The doc told me that 25mg would / could cause me to have another attack of AF and they would not prescribe thyroxine until TSH was 10. I have a resting heart rate of 48 to 55 with an average BP of 116/58. Has anyone else had similar or throw some light on this?



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  • You are obviously hypothyroid with that TSH but your GP sounds uninformed. Your slow heart rate could be either too much beta blocker, hypothyroid or more probably a combination of both. It might be worth asking your GP for either an endo referral, or if he/she won't a cardiologist referral as a resting heart rate that low with fatigue is not healthly. Good luck

  • Thanks cjrsquared.......good advice....I did mention  the low heart rate to the doc in jan but was told that if I wasn't dizzy it was ok.


    Any chance of having the FULL thyroid profile tested privately ?  You really need to know what the FT3 is .....  Both too much and too little thyroid hormone can cause heart problems.  Your FT4 looks low in range - even without the range - so it is quite possible your FT3 will be low and causing problems.

    The above link takes you to other discussions about AF and thyroid on this forum ......

  • Can you see another doctor at your GP's practice?  This one doesn't know what he/she is talking about.   TSH of 10 is far too high.

    Good luck.

  • Is your heart struggling because you don't have sufficient thyroid hormones? If anything thyroid hormones might quieten heart. If your GP is waiting till your TSH is over 10 - he is following the awful BTA guidelines. As you are hypo now, you cannot hang around. Your doctor talks a lot of rubbish saying 25mcg of levo would cause a heart attack. In other countries people are medicated when TSH is around 3.

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