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Quick question

Hello all just a quick question . Can you request a gluten blood test at your drs a lady at slimming world where i have been going surgested it to me and also said if the result shows me to be gluten intolerant then i could get vouchers towards the cost o keep thinking aboit going gluten free because i think it will help me with me haveing hashimotos any advice appreciated

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I think you can ask for one, do you think you have an intolerance to gluten/could be coeliac? The Dr would need a reason to give you the blood test. Then my understanding is that if the blood test comes back positive for the antibodies, you would need to have an endoscopy to formally diagnose coeliac disease. Only then would you be entitled to gluten free food on prescription. I have also heard that they are starting to reduce what you can get on prescription, not least because the range of GF foods at the supermarkets is growing all the time.


Thankyou poshpenny fot reply i just get bloated alot and tiredness it was just an idea to get tested although i wouldnt fancy an endoscopy i had one of those done before they found a dudenul ulcer i didnt like haveing it done at all


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