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Just got some T3 from Mexico

Hi. Can you pls advise me on how to add the T3 to my T4

I'm on 100 mic of Levo

And the caps of T3 are 75 mic

I am doing this as I can't lose weight at all even tho I'm on good clean diet ! I don't think I'm converting!!

Doc useless so I'm going it alone ( with your help!😊)

My T4 is ... 15. (9/19)

TSH is 1.01. ( 0.35/4.94)

As its powder I'm guessing I need to weigh it out carefully if it's going to be a small amount along side the Levo

Thanks in advance!!


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That t3 is slow release I believe so personally I wouldn't know how you use but be careful and hopefully someone may know more to help you. X


MummyG, It was a mistake to buy 75mcg T3. That is equivalent to 225mcg T4. You'll need to divide the capsule into 12 doses to get 6.25mcg which is the starting dose I recommend adding to your 100mcg T4. If you tolerate the 6.25mcg dose, increase to 12.5mcg after a couple of weeks if you need to, hold for 4-6 weeks and have a FT3 test before increasing further.

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Thanks for that info ! I didn't know anything about what to order so I just thought I was ordering T3

I will def split the powder up xx thank for your help x


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