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adrenal glandular vs adrenal cortex?

I have been taking American Biologics Adrenal Cortex lately, and have been doing well on it. Since I have been reading glowing reviews on Adrenal Glandular, also by AB, I decided to try that as well, in order to decide which one is best for me, or if I could possibly combine both, depending on how I felt...

Said and done. The Adrenal Glandular arrived yesterday and today, after taking two capsules in total (one yesterday and one today), I feel like I have been kicked by a horse...sweat poring from every pore of my body, unable to sleep, tossing and turning all night, sheets and nightgown drenched in sweat...

I have not taken any Cortex in 48 hours, only Glandular.

What I am wondering now is if adrenal glandular can cause symptoms like these, which I would say are symptoms of overstimulation? The famous adrenaline...???

All I'd really want is to wean off the Medrol that I have been on for the past four years, to treat adrenal fatigue...because I have not noticed any real difference or improvement since going on it. And I cannot really see myself stay on it for the rest of my life...

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Hi - I'm similar to you. I was taking NutriAdrenal (whole adrenal), but in my case I found it wasn't really doing anything. I'd tried NutriAdrenal Extra and it made me feel much worse. I then switched to NutriMeds adrenal cortex. I've been great on these!

I believe from things I've read here that it's something to do with the whole adrenal extract containing adrenaline (or it might be that it gets you to produce more adrenaline). So that adrenaline causes feelings of anxiety, etc. So for those of us affected like that then I guess the cortex only works better as we don't get that problem with too much adrenaline?


Thanks, it's nice to know others have experienced the same thing! I am going back on Adrenal Cortex (as I did not have any problems on it).

It's interesting that you mention anxiety...since yesterday, I have felt restless and slightly anxious, although I have absolutely no reason to (on annual leave) all started on adrenal glandular.

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Sounds like it's best to stick to the cortex. I am too. I feel so much better on it. Good luck! :-)


Me too , can only take the cortex version for the same reason.

Some of us are definitely more sensitive to the adrenaline , I had horrid side effects so now stick to cortex only !


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