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Thyroxine trial + results at half way point


I had my thyroid tested yesterday as my mood has been worsening since going on thyroxine. Note I am also on an anti-depressant. Blood was drawn at midday after having taken my thyroxine at 7am:

TSH 2.11 (0.35-5.5)

T3 - wasn't tested, arrrggghhhh, why didn't they do that?

T4 11.2 (7.86-14.41)

Peroxidise antibodies 48

I'm so frustrated they didn't do T3. I asked the nurse to do all of them.

Any thoughts on these welcomed.


ps Been gluten free for 2 months now

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Previous results done abroad so different ranges:

Free T3 2.59 (1.71-3.71)

Free T4 0.81 (0.7-1.48)

Anti TG 40.33 (<4.5)

Anti TPG 55.26 (<6)


Well, that test is null and void, really, isn't it. You should leave 24 hours between your last dose and the test or it will lower your TSH and up your FT4. The test should be done as early as possible, but at least before 9.00 am, or the TSH will be low. And it should be a fasting test because eating lowers the TSH. Imagine how high your TSH would have been had you done it that way!


Oh, and you do have Hashi's. :)


I knew I had Hashi's but didn't know about the testing. Why didn't the GP surgery say so? At worse then my T4 might be falsely high and TSH too but considering I am worrying about the thyroxine making my anxiety and depression worse then these results even if they are incorrect don't indicate that thyroxine is making me more agitated right?


Halinka, GP practices either don't know or don't care because anywhere in range is acceptable to them.

Your anxiety and depression may be worse because you aren't taking enough thyroxine. Most people are comfortable with TSH around 1.0 and FT4 in the upper quadrant.


Thanks Clutter. Wish you were a doctor and could sort me out! THere's no way in the world my GP or endo will increase the dose.


Halinka, have a fasting blood test early in the morning next time and take your Levothyroxine AFTER the blood draw. Higher TSH and lower FT4 may command a dose increase.


Will do Clutter. Thank you.


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