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What a joke!!

So... I have a meeting to discuss my daughter with the drs at the mental health clinic. Despite taking in previous blood test results showing recurrent abnormalities with her thyroid for some time and the fact that they haven't got the results for an endocrine tumour they want to dx her with psychosis.

I believe a psychiatrist has to rule out a clinical cause for psychosis before dx a patient, particularly if they are having massive problems with their thyroid. He says not!!

I am done with dealing with them. I will now deal with the GMC and my MP

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Roubyroo, psychosis can be caused by an adrenal tumour producing excess cortisol. Shouldn't the hospitals repeat the tests if they can't find her results?


HI, they haven't lost her results. Two hospitals refuse to give them to her and the psychiatrist said it dosent matter as they don't deal with physical issues just mental health. How will her mental health improve if there is a physical cause?


Roubyroo, Hospitals can refuse to provide results if they may impact adversely on the patient's physical or mental health. This is Kafkaesque. It may be the results are the clue to your daughter's psychosis.

Have a look through the ICO link but I suspect you won't be able to make a subject access request on behalf of your daughter unless you have power of attorney over her affairs. You may need to seek advice from CAB or a solicitor.


HI, I understand that but her mental health was fine at the time of asking for her results.


It's a complete quagmire and I do hope you get some solution quickly. We've had posts from people who were previously diagnosed as having mental problems then eventually hypothyroidism. The fact is as well that it is on your medical records.

If we can look on the internet and find interconnecting issues it's about time these doctors did the same instead of removing your daughter if she's in dire need of T3 which she may be deficient in if not converting T4 properly.

What a worry for you and also your daughter as she would want to be home instead of a hospital.


I'm just really angry which will make me push relentlessly for these 'drs' to be made accountable for what they've done to me and my daughters and now I won't rest until I've done that.

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It's a natural instinct when you know there has been an injustice and there's no-one else who can try to solve the situation.

Best wishes.


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