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Irish Healthcare: A flaming JOKE>>>>

Irish Healthcare: A flaming JOKE>>>>

Can I just say, that the Irish medical system is a joke???

So, last Sat, I went into casualty. My heart had been beating fast for 3nights.

In casualty, they took my bloods to test or heart abnormalities. Even though I was in, due to a possible o.d of Thyroid meds, they didn't check my thyroid!!

I had to request that myself. I was discharged and told the results would be sent to my G.P. on Monday.

On that day, I went to my G.P, which you have all read about (or not) in my previous rant. He told me the bloods weren't in yet and was arrogant and dismissive. During this appointment, I asked his advice on whether I should stop taking my meds or not. He told me to 'Do what I want' and the bloods would be in on Thurday.

I rang today, the clinic hadn't received any blood results and gave me the casualty tel no, who passed me on to the labs, who 'didn't know' if the blood was sent down or not. I requested it be sent down. That's another few days I have to wait for results and I STILL don't know if I should take my meds or not. Neither do I know i they have done the correct blood tests to begin with...almost guaranteed they have not checked my T4 or antibodies, so they'll be useless!!!!

Government, just some questions for you:

A) Why should I have to chase my own tests?

B) Why should I have to press to get the deserved treatment?

C) Is it any wonder I self-treat and get into trouble?? I'm being forced to!


Ps- Thanks in advance, for reading my 2nd rant....:)

Pps- Any advice/ shared experience on taking/ not taking thyroid meds after this happens, is appreciated.

And here's a picture of me beside a CALM BLUE OCEAN.....


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No, the doctor shouldn't have told you to do what you want. What you really want is for HIM to make you better and a little professionalism wouldn't go amiss.

Sorry cannot give you advice but hope you get results soon.


Hiya Shaws,

Yeah, I understand he can't work miracles or anything, but a little bedside manner goes a long way!

Thankies for your message. :)


Hello Purr!

Had to read your post and yep still feel the same as you, except for my GP who is a lovely lady. I would get a new GP. Are you private or medical card? Do some research on local GPs I went to my health food shop and they had a list of GPs who are open to "alternative" treatments, which would help (my GP doesnt believe in any of that stuff but i still like her and trust her opinion). Maybe one who has a particular interest in thyroid, I know its hard to phone around as the receptionists seem to think you don't deserve information and can be rude.

I went to see Dr. Mcgovern in Dublin and am very happy with the result and he put me straight on Armour. I will have another appointment soon and am looking forward to it. It has cost a bit but is worth it to be heard and not treated like an idiot. The appointment was very thorough and we had a cup of tea and talked about other stuff too.

Have to say tho my Doc at home and the endo there were bumbling idiots too!

Please rant more if you need to my partner annoys me and seems to protect the government and make excuses for how bad the system is. I believe our health is the most important thing.



Dear BexLS,

I think you may have answered my prayers. ;)

Dr.McGovern, I've just researched him a little, just now...and I'll be making an appt. a.s.a.p.

It will be worth the money...and he's in Ireland, not some far off corner of the globe. *Phew*

I was also making a list today, of G.P's in my area...and fully intend to explore my options.

Many, gracious thanks....ain't these forums the best?

PJ xx


Glad I could help and let me know how it all goes xxx


From Ireland too, was also admitted into Coronary Care. Checked for heart abnormalities also.....had to wait over Xmas and new year on a SHEDLOAD of prescription drugs (which didn't work!) until Jan 9th where I finally have gotten an appointment to see a specialist.

Health care in Ireland is a total joke! :(


Ohhh dear!!! My sympathy/empathy. Let me know how you get on....*chin up*.



For almost a year I had been ignored about my irregular heart beat . I went on holiday and forgot to take meds...irregular heart went back to normal. The relief was amazing. I kept off the meds until I got back from holiday, changed my surgery, went to new doctor. TSH was up the spout of course but gradually got back to normal with a bit of patience and understanding from new doc. Am fairly well balanced now with a doctor I trust and who actually works with me to get my problems sorted.

You have a crappy doctor so get rid!


Hey Ellarose!

What a cool surprise....though we shouldn't really be surprised, I guess. ;)

Well-balanced is a little bit away for me, but I have hope I'll reach it.

I think you're right...gotta get me a new G.P.



Hi yes know exactly how you feel. My advise is get another doc and go to dr mc govern Drummartin clinic in Dublin . He is fab and transformed me within a few months!! I didn't think I was going to beable to walk down the isle for my wedding now I have a 11 week old baby which wouldn't have been able to only for him. He is a dote made me tea and certainly the only doc I know that actually listens to you. Hope this helps . Do u mind me asking where abouts in Ireland u are ? I'm in limerick and have a fairly decent gp :)


Ahhh Helen!!

I know that feeling of wondering what the future holds....

But that's fab. Congratulations on your wee baby. :)

You're giving ME hope as well.

I'm in Donegal.

Bad G.P. :-/

On the hunt for a better one!



Dear PurrJones, so sorry to hear about your experience. though I have to admit living in France I'd get the same service... in fact I've given up being treated here as I was overmedicated on levothyrox.... I ended up going back to Ireland and seeing an endo privately in Dublin - who confirmed what I'd thought... since then been treated in Brussels...though going back to Dublin in February for second opinion.... My gut feeling (having lived in France for over 20 years and suffered with hypo/adrenal for the last 6 years) is that the healthcare system in Ireland (private) is far superior to the private healthcare in France... hence my visits outside of the country for medical aid. Good luck - I suppose the problem I'd have with those blood tests etc... is that here in France there are literally private labs at every corner - just a gps prescripition and you go off.... results normally within a few days... I remember one doctor sending me to a hospital in Dublin for tests - it wasn't an emergency but definitely not the most relaxing way to take blood! good luck and good health for 2013


Dear Caro,

Thanks for sharing your experience. I think was over-medicated also, at least I had been getting symptoms of I hear ya barkin'!

I accept your point about private healthcare in Ireland...and I guess it's my only option. Yes, I just got more bloods taken (in Dr's surgery, this morn) and shall have results on Mon re: T3, T4 & antibodies. Being in a hosp environment, only makes one feel more ill than they already do!! ;)

Ps-I only thought my journey was tedious, {Donegal - Dublin}, but at least I don't have to get on a plane. :)

Blessings & Bonne journee,



Hi Purr, yes I remember the queues in St Vincents for the blood tests,.... not a place to be when you are not feeling well! Actually have an uncle living in Donegal but never been to visit him or Donegal.... I think any travel when you're not well is tiring..... home the blood tests will at least get things sorted out....... some endos I've seen in France actually told me the antibodies 'aren't important!...... funny how they go up if you're not treated properly.... Having experienced A&E services here in Paris and Spain (for different health issue) I can honestly say I'd take my chances more with the Spaniards than the French... they at least did tests etc.... sadly I think in the world we are living in (and the state of the Irish economy) private healthcare is the best way of getting proper care..... I say this having seen 5 endos in Paris and 5 neurologists... and one private consultation with an Irish endo and an neuro pretty much made clear diagnosis compared to the other 10!! Private isn't cheap in Ireland compared to France but I can tell you they are far better!! take care et bon weekend!! Hope it's not to wet there!! C



Oh dear...the though of the journey to Dublin, even.....well, I'm not enthusiastic! It's difficult to pace yourself with this sometimes..and I used to be an avid traveller/fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal. ;)

5 Endo's and 5 neurologists!! You've certainly been through it, m'dear.

Wet here?? It's always wet here..haha! :D

Many thanks for sharing your experience.

Keep in touch!



Purr, I am not familiar with what you are taking or what your diagnosis was but I have found with hypothyroid and on NDT with that symptom it is an underdose. If this is your scenario, You could try a small dose of your thyroid medication at bedtime to see if it makes a difference. I don't know if this would be the same outcome if you are on T4 only. If your chest feels tight and a little breathless during the day, that might indicate too much thyroxine.



Hashimoto's is what I've been labelled with and I'm on synthetic hormone atm...

Hoping to get on Armour.

I did try a little bit over the weekend...I mean, not even 15..but still I got the shortness of breath/tight chest/racey heart. I'm not going to do much until I see Dr.McGovern in Dublin. I'm not looking forward to being weak...I'll most likely be as flimsy as paper when I finally reach him...but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

Thanks for your informative post, H! I wish you wellness.

P.J x


Hi PJ the tightness of chest/fast heart could be too much thryoxin...though it also could be linked to adrenals... often difficult to say..... good luck and hopefully you'll get to see the doctor soon! best wishes C


Y'ello Caro!

Oh, I didn't know the adrenals could cause those symptoms also. Then, the next step is to get an adrenal test done, I guess. It's an absolute cert they're out. Wide awake at night and sleepy in the morn...*yawn*...x


Hi Purrjones, - an 'easy' test is the one recommended in Dr P's book- that's how I knew it was the adrenals as well as Hashi before changing docs. You have to take your bp sitting down and then straight away when you get up: 'normal' people's bp's go up when you get up, weak adrenals cause it to go down... I should now - been struggling all last year. Just back from visiting doctor yesterday and wiped out..... slept 9.5 hours and had to have another 2 hour nap this morning.... and bp has gone even lower after nap.... feel jetlagged!


Hey, hey!

Awwww, I know what that feels like. Poor's the lack of stamina, which causes hassle. Difficult to get any one thing done properly.

I'll try that test. Good to know I can get answers myself....and it's FREE!! ;)

Thank you x


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