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Please Help Interpret Test Results


I have done some new tests with Medichecks after the test I did on the NHS two years ago did not test for Hashimotos. Please can anybody deduce anything from these results. The comment from the Medichecks Doctor said my thyroid is working fine, but I am certainly not feeling ok with massive brain fog and feeling lethargic.

I have not been taking any supplement for 9 months apart from probiotics.

I will be doing some Vitamin D, folate, b12 test tomorrow with the NHS.

Is there anything else that I should be tested for?

Your help would be sincerely appreciated.

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You could include ferritin and calcium. Thyroid function looks normal.

Your TSH is above average, but not outside the range. However your FT3 and FT4 look pretty good, and you don't have antibodies, so it does seem that your thyroid is behaving well. TSH can be raised for other reasons eg fighting off an infection. Iron and ferritin would be good to check - low iron makes you feel really rubbish.

With a TSH over 2, I would be asking for thyroxine to bring it down. You will have resistance in the UK as the upper limit guideline is 4 but if you lived in America it’s

2 so you would be offered thyroxine. I was exactly where you are now over 2 yrs ago and I felt aweful. They finally agreed to give me a low dose of levothyroxine and I got my life back.

planetf11 in reply to DylanA

I have not taken any Thyroid supplement in over 9 months. Does this mean my Thyroid is absolutely normal?

Hi. You have high RT3 levels. Worth Looking up Reverse T3 on STTM website . Also check ferritin and Vit D levels. Also any underlying infection/ inflammation.

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