first time dieting since been on t3

ok im not sure what is going on here, i'm on the slimming world, first week, 5 and half pounds..yay! first time in 8 years, second week, feeling not so good.. constipated, tired, low, now i've put that 5 and half back on is getting me down, im sticking to the diet like glue, this is the first time i've been on a diet since taking t3 at the end of april, i've not put on any more weight, which is good but since i've started slimming world, great start, now feeling crap! Why??

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  • Which slimming world plan are you following -red or green days?

  • Extra easy, done a red and green on a couple of days x

  • It'll be Extra Easy now, I bet. They've done away with red and green.

  • No you still get red (original ) and green (vegetarian ) days at slimming world

  • Looking at earlier posts of yours, you're still quite new to T3 aren't you? It may be more to do with your body adjusting to your dose than the diet. What dose of T3 are you on now?

  • I'm now on 50 mcg a day x

  • Most agree you need nourishment when you are hypo so reducing calories may not be a good idea. I don't know what this diet is like but diets and hypo are not very compatible.

  • If she calls it healthy eating and eats good clean healthy food she will lose weight

  • I've been on t3 since last September and I'm only now starting to see results in weight loss, I think our t3 has to be exactly right to lose weight , just keep going with your slimmming world and keep an eye on your medication and vitamin levels they have to be good too and slowly you will see a weight loss good luck

  • As a person with several stone gained during treatment that I would dearly love to lose.... Why would you do that to yourself? You're trying to heal and and get well, and dieting is the opposite of that!

  • I've been put under pressure by my cardiologist....

  • Doctors can be so clueless :( Are you over all your thyroid symptoms? My understanding is that restricting calories will just stop your body from making use of the thyroxine you take.

  • I was over the symptoms, then bang, I feel hypo again, I think I will up my t3 again by half a tab.. See how that does, I'm not on levothyroxine

  • Stop dieting. Dieting (reducing caloric intake or restricting any macros) reduces thyroid activity. Download this Kindle book - it's free, and you can read it without a Kindle -

    It will explain a lot more about what I'm referring to. See also my post here for more info:

  • Thank you for the info, I will take a look now

  • Argggh sorry just written a post and it disappeared. I don't know slimming worlds easy days so can't comment -I found re days much better then green.

    DrPeatfield recommends that restricting your carbs so you gain your carbs through veg, eating good healthy fats and protein with some fruit but eaten with the meal to avoid sugar spikes. I found that moderate exercise is key to rev up the metabolism but you can't push this if you are recovering but once you have.....

    None of this is easy I have found -I never had a weight problem before being diagnosed with hypothyroidism but since it is a constant struggle. Interestingly enough though since going onto a different NDT which only has natural fillers and using the CT3M method I have lost a stone naturally without dieting per say or pushing exercise hard. So there is something to be said about getting the right meds and supplements that you need for your body.

  • i'm finding all these diet and what i have read very conflicting, it's hard to know what is best, i've cut back dramatically on carbs like bread and pasta, i actually eat more than i did before when i was on levothyroxine.

    I tried the ct3m but i felt worse, i literally couldn't get out of bed, i take all my t3 at once and felt better it's just seems the second week on slimming world i've felt hypo again, but today i've added another half of a half t3 and feeling good again.. This is all new and i'm learning as i go along.

    i don't over do the exercise, in fact i'm not sure i should do to much just yet.

    I'm just under a lot of pressure from my cardiologist to lose weight before he decides the next step of treatment, i'm also seeing my endo in a couple of weeks, so i'm going to see what he suggests, his yet to find out i took control and stopped my levo for t3 :/ bit anxious about that.

  • If you are not feeling well on this diet then you need to stop it. No diet should make you feel tired and sluggish. Perhaps at this stage you need to focus on a healthy diet not a restricted calorie diet. It sounds like your thyroid is not yet balanced so until that happens you need to be careful.

    The CT3M only applies to those who need to give their adrenals some natural support -it is a very potent technique and extremely easy to over cook on it (I remember well how terrible I felt when I over did it!!! ).

    Also as you are under an endocrinologist and cardiologist I agree with you - you need to ask them for help and guidance over this. If you feel under pressure from the medics then I would ask them to refer you to a dietitian -its not fair on you when you are unwell to be put under such pressure.

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