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So... I have been to Slimming world for two weeks now, my friend that I have gone with lost 4.5lbs the first week, 3lbs this week, she was awarded with her half of stone loss certificate. Me I have lost nothing, just stayed the same, ok I haven't gained any weight, but it's so depressing, when you know you have played exactly to the rules, and lost zilch, and paying £5 per week to be told you are a failure! Is there a diet that works??

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  • I had that experience too before the right treatment for under active thyroid. No amount of dieting or changing your food nor exercise will make any difference if your thyroid isn't working. In fact, if you exercise in this condition you can stress your adrenals and put on weight if your thyroid is not functioning properly. Good luck with getting your health sorted.

  • Hi Dylansmum

    Well done for going and do stick with it

    You will most likely find it more of a struggle than your friend but remember everyone is different and she may not lose so much after a few weeks.

    Speak to the consultant that's what she's their for ,you may not be eating enough I know it sounds silly but I found I had to eat a lot more to lose weight and the more you vary your meals the better success you will have .Also you do need to exercise the more you do the bigger the weight loss.

    Its a bit late now but you could have had a referral from your GP for a 12 week course free but suggest you ask GP if its possible to have referral for exercise classes or for a NHS health adviser .

    I lost 3 stone and my cousin has recently lost 3.8 stone both have hypothyroidism

    Best wishes Rose54

  • Exercise is not recommended for hypos. It uses up your T3 and is going to leave you more hypo and therefore putting on more weight. Just gentle walking and/or swimming.

    When you are hypo, losing weight is not about calories in vs calories out, it is about raising your T3 levels.

  • Hi Grey, would like some advice about T3 and exercise. I can go the gym or swim but after an hour or two i am wiped out and have to sleep. The rest if the day is then written off.

    I have have seen you mention this before. What do you recommend i do to combat the fatigue directly afterwards.

    I'm on 75mcg of t3 only, one dose in the morning.

    Did ask my consultant on friday but no answer given apart from split my dose.

    Sparkly x

  • I Don't think there's anything you can do - apart from giving up exercise until your T3 levels are better - until the T3 is actually getting into the cells. Not the answer you want, I realise that, but why persist with an activity that makes you feel so bad?

  • Thanks Grey, do think taking extra either before or directly after would work?

  • It might well do. Give it a try.

  • Hello Sparkly, if your endo is only attending to T3 medication and does nothing about your adrenals you're being short changed. Without meds to support your adrenals they will still be doing their old habit of over-working to compensate for lack of thyroid activity. I was told to eat more protein, cut out sugar, and any carbs which form into sugar, and given meds to support my adrenals. Now I can exercise and experience no fatigue at all. This is only 26 days after starting my treatment. I have plenty of energy every day and have lost 5kg so far. All this month I am now exercising again, no exhaustion or chronic fatigue, no sweating all the time, and feeling rested and "normally" energetic. If you want to know where I go to get my health turnaround send me a private message. Good luck. Ngaruawahia

  • Hi Ngaruawahia, can you message me also about where you go to get your health turnaround, please? x

  • Hi, to be perfectly honest i've never had my adrenals tested or ever spoke about it.

    I was tested for cushings before i was finally diagnosed hypo as my morning cortisol was very high but returned to normal after the tablet your given before the blood test.

    My last cortisol blood test was at top of the range but never thought anything of it.

    The lack of not being able to exercise is the only problem i have, but to be honest i'm not that bothered.

    Just i like to have everything sorted out and this is the only thing i can't.

    Perhaps i need preserve and go a couple of times a week. Then my body might get use.

    Thanks for the advice, looks like you've cracked it!

  • I know just where you are coming from. I used to go to WeightWatchers. I would stick rigidly to the diet and not a thing would happen, sometimes I even put on a pound or so. I got dirty looks and the leader clearly thought I was in denial. Then I suddenly started to have meteoric weight losses and got funny not to mention suspicious looks again - she clearly thought I was starving myself or something.

    My son at this point said he couldn't understand why we (fellow weight watchers) went along and paid £5 a week for ritual humiliation and I think he probably had a point.

    Then it turned out I had Graves hence the massive weight loss. Once the Gravs was fixed, sad t say I've gone from a loose size ten to a pretty well filled size fourteen. I've gven up with WW now, I think your thyroid being out of kilter makes weight loss extremely difficult.

    I'd say don't starve yourself, that won't work. Eat sensible meals with lots of vegetables and good quality food, try not to snack. Some people like the 5:2, I didn't feel it that helpful. I'm on a GF diet now to try and calm down my autoimmune system, I've got lots of autoimmune conditions, I eat sensibly and I don't snack at all these days and I exercise but not excessively if that makes sense. Just remember anything less than a gain is a success, but Ive been where you are so I know what you mean, it is mega depressing.

    Just noticed the response above, I got a referral to my local gym and that was very worthwhile. The exercise was supervised, I met a lot of lovely people and although no one would ever call me a 'gym bunny' I really loved my sessions.

    Disclaimer : This is my own personal experience and my thoughts and opinions are my own, I am not medically qualified.

  • If a person is hypothyroid and is not on an optimum dose (I mean feeling well and healthy) it will be difficult as your metabolism will still be a bit low which makes it difficult to lose. Read the first question/answer:

  • That's why I stopped going! I was paying every week for the same two pounds of weight to go on and off! Costing a fortune, and became very depressed by the whole process. A friend's daughter, who also has underactive thyroid is trying it at the moment. I don't think she's getting anywhere either. MariLiz

  • The only thing that works for me is

    It's calorie counting and you fill in daily meal reports but there is a huge food base with all the supermarkets food plus the ability to put in your own recipes etc. I use the iPad app but there is the normal online program too. Best of all its FREE 😊.

    Once you get used to what the different food and portion counts are, it's pretty easy to do.

    You start by putting in your weight etc. and tell it what you want your target weight to be and it works out how many calories you are allowed to eat each day.

    It will also work out what calories you have used up doing any form of exercise such as walking round the supermarket for an hour or something like that.

    The only exercise I do is that, apart from normal household chores and I go to Pilates once a week.

    I've never been into 'wearing myself out' lol.

  • Hi Dylansmum,

    Been there, done it. Yes i think until your actual medication or dose is right for you, you will find it very difficult to lose weight.

    I'm now only just losing since starting T3 only. On thyroxine i only gained.

    Even now on t3 i am only losing 2lb a month but better 2 off than 2 on!!

    I gave up on ww and sw as it was soul destroying seeing everyone else lose and me put on.

    I see a health trainer free at my GP's surgery and over 8 months have lost a stone. This only due to starting t3 6 months ago though.

    Seeing the health trainer is more than just losing weight. It's someone to talk about everything your going through, bit like seeing a councillor in a way. Would definitely recommend if you have the time.

    Sparkly x

  • Slimming World does work. I lost 2.5 stone with them but it can be so demoralising for you if you're not losing. I know exactly how you feel, I've been there. I stopped going a few months ago and I've started putting weight back on. Stick with it, it will come.

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