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Has anyone with hypothyroidism joined slimming world did it work??? I'm looking to find a solution to my heavy weight problem and so far I'm just putting weight on 😑😑

All my friend have lost loads on slimming world but fear it will just be another disappointment at weigh in and losing £££ instead of lbs !!!!

My mum is doing same diet as me for past 2 weeks she's lost 9 lbs I've put on 2lb so the diet is working for my mum (diabetic) but not me 😭😭😭

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I joined prior to being diagnosed and it did not work. I was reluctant to join but did it as a favour to my friend. She lost about 7lbs and I lost 0.5lb in week 1.

I know people who are members of Slimming World and it has worked for them so I won't be too critical of it.

If you have little self discipline and need structure and support then I could see it being beneficial as part of a group.

What diet are you on now?

I lose weight (or if I'm honest - I maintain) by being gluten free . I cook most of my meals from scratch, I don't eat processed foods - packaged cr4p TV dinners. Lots of meat and lots of veggies. Hardly any carbs.

However you have to get your TSH down!

Lolowatto in reply to Helena877

Slimfast at the mo I'm feeling better as in got energy and feeling happier I guess and no aches and pains guessing that's all the multivitamins but it's just not satisfying I don't eat much bread and started buying gluten free but forget about all the other things gluten is in you don't think about I'm not a massive eater but I'm watching my calories I don't always stick to the 321 as slimfast suggests sometimes I just have 1 meal replacement then a light lunch my friend says it's cos I'm not eating enough ??

greygoose in reply to Lolowatto

That could very well be! Low-calorie diets have a negative impact on conversion, so you end up more hypo.

Slimfast is rather iffy, especially if it has soy in it, because that will make you more hypo, too.

If you're hypo, the only way you stand a chance of losing weight, it to optimise your T3.

Lolowatto in reply to greygoose

How do you do that ??

greygoose in reply to Lolowatto

Well, believe it or not, that is supposed to be the aim of treating with thyroid hormone replacement. But not many doctors understand that!

I imagine you don't even know what your FT3 is, because your doctor never tests it. So, it might be a good idea to get it tested privately. Get your FT4 and FT3 tested at the same time to see how well you're converting.

And, while you're doing that, it would be a good idea to get your nutrients tested - vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin - because it's not just about hormones. When you are hypo - especially if you're living on Slimfast! - you are likely to have nutritional deficiencies because of difficulty digesting food and absorbing nutrients. But, they all need to be optimal for your body to be able to use the hormone you're giving it.

So, if you get all those things tested, and antibodies - TPOab and TGab - and post the results on here, then we will be able to see what's going on, and why you're not losing weight.

Details of private testing on the Thyroid UK main page.

EKEH in reply to greygoose

Hi greygoose,

I've just joined as I've been searching for anyone who has joined Slimming World with Hypothyroidism to see if this diet works.

Having read this post, what private test would you suggest for my wife who's 54, been on 150mg Thyroxine for 15yrs, pre-meno, struggling to loose weight and has tried numerous diets with SW being the latest and no weight loss since starting a week ago.

I appreciate it's been 2 yrs since your post but it would greatly help in our diagnosis.

greygoose in reply to EKEH

OK, well, SW is not good because, among other things, it's based on low/no-fat and that's not healthy. The body needs fat. People do lose weight on it - although perhaps not hypos who aren't optimised - but put it all back on when they go back to normal eating. Because SW is not normal.

The tests your wife needs are:




TPO antibodies

Tg antibodies

vit D

vit B12



Details of private testing here:

When she's got the results, if she posts them with the ranges on here, people will help her find what's wrong. :)

EKEH in reply to greygoose

Thank you so much and will let you know.

greygoose in reply to EKEH

You're welcome. :)

But, do start a new thread with the results. Don't add them on here, because very few people will read this old post.

Lolowatto in reply to EKEH

Update I’ve lost 3 stone since joining slimming world in October :)

Bluecat101 in reply to Lolowatto

Slimfast tastes nice but has loads of sugar - listed as first ingredient

My tsh levels are around 2.5 and coming down, I'm sourcing my own Throid S, I have hashis.

Despite been gluten free, which has made a huge difference, and swimming 150 lengths a week and also cooking from scratch also, I hardly eat any carbs I still can't lose weight! My daughter is forever going on at me to join SW or WW..... but I know there's no point....over the years I have gone up to 17 half stone.... I've also lost half my hair..... take lots of vitamins.... selenium, B complex, digestive enzymes Solgar, which are great, Nutri adrenal extra. Vitamin C..... Because of taking these has made my life bearable and I do feel better..... but, I sill have the weight and hair problem.

Ps my cholesterols. always been great and my hearts ok as well.


I'm with Slimming World. Have been since last January. It's extremely slow - mostly I lose half a pound a week but I've now lost over 1.5 stone.

Lolowatto in reply to lynmynott

Half a pound a week is better than nothing 😊

How is your TSH??

lynmynottAdministrator in reply to Lolowatto

It's suppressed. I'm on NDT and T3.


Unfortunately for many hypothyroid women may not be on an optimum of thyroid hormone replacements to raise their metabolism sufficiently that they don't gain weight. Weight gain is the most common question and I'll give you a link which gives an explanation as to the reason.

The best thing to do with Slim Fast is throw it in the bin. A friend of mine followed it for a week and gained 2 lb. According to their website, a 270ml serving contains 38g of carbohydrate, of which 20.9g is sugar. No wonder it didn't work.

Low carb has worked for me. This is a good quick guide:

I joined slimming world a year ago, granted i didnt have a massive amount to loose but i lost a stone within about 5 months, i still go to group even though i have reached my target weight, it worked for me but occasionally i do slip like yesterday pigged out and ate 3 magnums!!!!


Lolowatto in reply to dotti

Well it was the weather for it

I started SW at the end of April '17 and so far I've lost just over a stone. Try it, it's easy to follow and all you can lose is weight.

I have been going to slimming world for 2 years since I was diagnosed . So far I have lost 4 stone. It can be slow but the basis of the diet is low carbs and that seems to work for me.

I joined SW 2yrs ago now and my journey was very slow in comparison to some over people,ive an under active thyroid only finding out because of my unusual slow weight loss been put on 25mg of is it thyroxyne ...been on it for 3 months and just last week was retested and they (doctor) say they do need to change my meds yet so...I think in my case with the menopause (HRT) Meds as, well... its possibly that more than the thyroid BUT after all that I've kept my 2stone Off..should be 2st 7lb but have seen a sagnificent rise in body weight...MIND BLOWING I know... and the rise as been since Xmas... only 2lb gain ..thought ide shift that easy then no matter what I did it would not move... think I just need ALL my meds to settle..but yes for support and you do need support can't beat Slimming World ,good luck x

Oh P.S......Back at target now x

Back before my thyroid problems started, I had huge success by going Low carb. Check out . I can honestly say that after 6-9 months my health was better than it had ever been in my life. things have been a bit difficult since my thyroid went haywire, and right now I am hypo, but still managing to drop a few ounces each week.

You'll need to keep an open mind if you choose to visit Diet doctor, as the advice may differ from what you might be used to.

Good luck with whatever diet rout you decide upon.

Before being diagnosed I went to slimming world for a couple of months and didn't lose any weight. The woman running it accused me of lying about my food intake! I didn't go back.

The moral of the story is that if you're not optimally medicated then it is almost impossible to lose weight. The 5:2 did it for me (lost 24lbs at a rate of albs/week) but ONLY when my medication was correct. I do a diet day once or twice a month to keep my weight stable and more if I want to lose a couple of pounds. It is supposed to have other health benefits as well.

Lolowatto in reply to penny

Yea I looked into the 5:2 diet many people with thyroid issues says it's good for them x

Hi Lolo. It helped but it crept back on. I have had underactive Thyroid for 33 years and take 250mg. So I do understand how you feel, I stopped going to slimming world I did stay with them for 1 year lost 3 stone but there are foods you need, as you get very tired.

I'm feeling a lot healthier than what I did last year I can walk further than my garden without being in pain for one I used to suffer with constant leg cramps and back pain this seems to have subsided for now just wish I could shift this weight off so disheartening when you try real hard to lose and you put on weight instead trying to keep positive I know it's gonna be a long journey to get to where I wanna be x

I know how you feel, it gets so frustrating at times. I hate feeling so tired.

l went to S World about 3 years ago and did lose 2.5 stone. It is a sensible diet but when you do your own thing it tends to come back. Prob put on half stone plus. also as someone queries below - it does often seem you need to eat more in order to lose of mainly veg which we dont always want to bother with. l am still awaiting diagnosis after decades, but wd appear to have a pituitary problem which affects the thyroid in turn

I went to slimming world for 6 months and after an initial loss of weight of about 4-6lb I couldn't loose any more no matter what I did .. I then started to take T3 and within 1 month I'd lost a stone .. I then ran out of T3 due to the Greek problem and put 6-7lb back on (whilst still eating healthy and exercising) .. Slimming world didnt work for me on it's own, I hit a weight loss plateau after a 6lb as mentioned above. It can become soul destroying when you go for your weigh in knowing you have worked so hard and your told you have put 0.5lb on then the next week lost 2, week after gained 3, week after lost 3, week after gained 2.5 and so on.


I have been to slimming World the first time I didn't do well very slow , but now extra easy is working 2llb every week apartfrom when I went on holiday , I couldn't believe it. 125 mcg levothroxine at moment reading is top end of doctors reading I exercise 30 mins 5 days a week. Good luck

Lolowatto in reply to shal61

Sounds promising I may have to look into joining got nothing to lose but weight right?? X

Hi I am currently following weight watchers and have lost over stone in 5 weeks. Prior to this lost 4 stone doing it by myself but was loosing my motivation. So it is working well ATM. You can basically eat what you want as long as you stay within a set number of points. I have had no adverse effect with regards to my hypo so far. I have now lost 5st 5lb in 11 months so it is possible. Good luck.

I did weight watchers before my pregnancy and was doing great then got pregnant then went back to it perfect opportunity while not working and gained loads then found out I was hypo not tried weight watchers since being diagnosed

I have Hasimoto's and I am currently doing the Keto diet with success. I don't do well eating any kind of processed carbs so this diet works well for me.

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