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Prolapsed Mitral Heart Valve

Has anyone else been diagnosed with this? I have it in my notes that I have this from around 20 years ago, but nothing done about it. Just read up on it and find its linked to Hashimotos Thyroiditis, which I was diagnosed with 21 years ago. I take Sotolol betablockers every day, but I thought they were for anxiety. Going to see NhS endo again, Thurs and wanted to be prepared.

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Mitral vvalve prolapse can be due to magnesium deficiency, so best to eat green veg and supplement with magnesium citrate. Some diuretics can make magnesium deficiency worse. Note that magnesium blood tests are no use.


I've had this for about twenty years. The heart dr. recons there's no connection to my thyroid.....but from what I've read..... I would beg to differ.....?

They give me an ACE inhibitor Perindopril. I have an echogram annually and see the Cardiologist for the result. It doesn't seem to cause me any problems, It has deteriorated over the years but I'm still only a high medium risk with regards to needing surgery or having heart failure. He's not concerned, so I'll see him next year.

Good luck at the doctors.


Yes - that was my original diagnosis 40 years ago. I never believed it was the cause of my illness - I always felt that my heart was, in effect, the "monitor" of how I am not the cause. It can vary from being almost undetectable to "do you have a hole in your heart".

I was filled full of betablockers in my 20s. Not sure of the strength but I know I was taking 5 a day. Never again, and it took me 7 years to fall in and realise how ill they were making me. I could barely leave the house til I was 27. There was no internet in those days, so no way of finding out side effects the drugs had - I had to rely on my lovely GP who banged the desk with his fist (literally) and shouted at me that there were "no side effects from these pills".

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My only good endocrinologist said that mitral valve prolapse is very common in hypothyroid people. He had me tested and I turned out instead to have the much rarer tricuspid valve prolapse with regurgitation. Was told I didn't need to do anything about it. Wondering if anyone out there knows if heart valve prolapse is a temporary condition that goes away with proper thyroid meds or if it's permanent. ?


It was researching the internet and discovering MVP can be brought on by thyroid disease that prompted me to ask for a thyroid test (undiagnosed for a two years). I already had one mitral valve prolapse (maybe genetic or brought on by childhood measles) but was then told I had two leaky valves.

I was then sent to a heart clinic where they prescribed strong betablockers, etc. which made me feel ill and dizzy and I told the specialist I thought they were too strong (I am 5'2 and just over 8 stone). GP and specialist ignored me - I stopped attending and, instead, took garlic, olive leaf and hawthorn capsules, I eventually discovered that many of the medications I was on deplete vitamin B12 and this may have been contributing to dizziness, foggy brain, etc.

All heart and cholestrol problems resolved after optimal thyroid treatment and I don't need any medication apart from the garlic capsules, which I still take.

My son, a diver, came across medical research that people who have migraine with visual auras should be aware that it could be dangerous to dive - it was due to a tiny hole in the heart (MVP) - otherwise not particularly worrying. I'd had migraine with aura on and off for years.

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PS. It might be as well to get your B12 tested millefleur, as one of the symptoms of low B12 is anxiety and betablockers will deplete your B12.....


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