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Low T3 - Others Tests Fine - What does this mean?


Hi All. I'm new here. I have have been having what I believe to be thyroid related symptoms for several years (my mum if hypothyroid if that has any significance?). Tiredness, a myriad of digestive disorders, brain fog, dry eyes, aching joints etc.

I have recently done a 24 hour urine test on the recommendation of a nutritionist I have starting seeing and it's come back with very low T3. Everything else seems fine according to her email. She is ringing Geneva labs this morning to find out more. Can anyone explain what this means please? Any help would be hugely appreciated.


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Urine tests for thyroid function??!! Do you think you had a panel of normal thyroid tests - ie a blood take - as well? Can you ask your nutritionist for a copy of the results and post them here?


OK, this was my ignorance. I'd never heard of a pee test for thyroid. But you are quite right.


I'm looking forward to the discussion that will appear here!

Hi! Thanks for your reply. I have had my blood tested a couple of times for thyroid problems but they have always come back within range. But the tests have always been the really basic ones that doesn't show T3 (despite asking for the more complex one). The most recent blood test was a couple of months ago when I became completely frustrated with all my symptoms because I had no clue what was causing them.

Around the same time as seeing my GP, I also decided to see a nutritionist since the worst of my symptoms were gastro related. I'm now managing my diet better (think paleo minus the dairy) and feeling improved wellbeing (less bloating, joints don't hurt as much). However some symptoms remain - like tiredness, dry eyes and unexplained fuzzy vision, brain fog and always feeing cold.

The urine test was at the nutritionist's recommendation. I will let you know more once she rings me to discuss the results.

Ps I am a 47 year old female so my symptoms could also be age related.

Clutter in reply to Illsley1968

Illsley1968, unfortunately I don't think we have any members who will be able to interpret a thyroid urine test. We're used to interpreting thyroid serum tests.

I had a thyroid urine test a few years ago. It showed that my t3 uptake was low. The problem was that I didnT have enough t3 in my body for it to be used.

So if your t3 uptake is low, we can probably assume your free t3 is low. Low t3 can happen for many reasons, the most common one being that there simply isn't enough t4 available to convert into t3.

Are you on medication? How much? What sort?

Digestion problems can happen with low thyroid and are often related to low acid, which causes wind, bloating and poor digestion. The worst possible thing to do is to take acid suppressants. Here is an explanation.....scdlifestyle.com/2012/06/hy...

Xx g

Hi. I'm not on any thyroid medication as my blood tests have always come back in the normal range. I just feel like It have all the symptoms that I keep reading about. I will post what results I have when they become available and may pay for a detailed blood test if that is the more common route.

Ps - thank you so much for your comments so far.

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