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After your advice Clutter, Flower007 & reallyfedup123 I have spoken to the newest doctor in my practise today ( thinking he would be an easier target) and requested all the blood tests suggested and a print out. He did say I have been tested for Ferritin vit d & b12 in the past !!! My last thyroid function was tested nearly 17 months ago when he reduced my Levothyroxine from 150 to 125mg ( didn't realise not to take meds before tests) I then rang for an appointment with the nurse again listing the blood tests I will be having earliest appt is 8.40am. Fingers x I will get them. I will then post them and ask your advice before consultation with him.

Thank you everyone x

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And as far as the brain fog goes I have managed to loose or forget where I have put a festival ticket and £300 in the space of 3 days 😫


I do hope you find both. It is very common, unfortunately, with hypo to lose/forget things. Remember to leave approx 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test. Sometimes we are on automatic pilot and can forget. Set an alarm or something to prompt you (or move packet from where you usually keep it).

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And take a list of all tests that have been agreed to be done. I have had to get the phlebotomist to add tests on before!

Hope you find your festival ticket,



Ju, make sure to have annual thyroid tests in future. I hope you find your tickets and money. Try retracing the steps you took when you brought the tickets and money home.


Did you get the previous results for ferritin etc





Vit d3

MUST ALL BE HALFWAY in their ranges otherwise your body cannot even use the levothyroxine hence you simply become toxic

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No afraid not, tbh i became so disheartened I gave up the fight for some years but now hearing so many people on here having success with treatments I'm going to give it one more shot to sort myself out.


You absolutely must. Everyone deserves to be happy and healthy (as possible).


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