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Can anyone translate my tft results?

Hi, ive been hypothyrpid for around 3 years. Doc wants to lower me from 75mcg /50 mcg alternate days to 50 mcg daily. Results are below ut seems my tsh is low but the others are fine? Strange. .. ft4 22.1, ft3 5.7 , tsh 0.1. I don't feel overactive a d am not losing weight like last time so a little confused. Thanks for any help or opinions in advance 😊

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Hello MeeKatie,

Can you post results compete with ranges please (numbers in brackets) for members to be able to comment.

Do you have symptoms?



In my book your tests are fine and i sure would not want to alter your dosage

Many doctors do not fully understand thyroid results which makes matters worse

Is it possible you took your thyroid meds in the 24hours before a test as this will skew the results and create this problem so be sure never to do that plus always get blood drawn early morning as then TSH is at its highest


I feel fine flower007. Sleepy jn the day and unable to switch if at night but then I've had a lot going on so that's normal. Dry skin but again cant put it down to mt thyroid. My results are as follows with normal ranges in brackets: tsh 0.0.1 (0.4 -4.5), ft4 22.1 (9-25), ft3 5.7 (3.5-7.8). It looks like my tsh is low but the others are perfectly fine :-/


I stopped taking my microgynon (birth control pill around 6 weeks ago also so did expect a slight change


I think that you really have to tell your doctor that you feel well on the dose that you take and you really don't want to lower it. Surely he can't force you. xx


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