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How can these results be real??

hi all!

Phoned for results today. I am currently taking 50 mcg Levo and 38 mcg t3 plus a selection of the usual supplements for the usual suspects.

These results have really surprised me. Symptoms that persist are fatigue, low temps, a pulse which is mainly in the 90's unless it's basal when it's 62 bpm,sensitive to cold, achey joints muscles plus other minor ones. So...

TSH 0.66 (0.3-4.2)

FT4. 6.0. (12.0- 22.0)

FT3. 4.04. (4.0 - 6.8)

I will have more results tomorrow when I collect them from the surgery.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated as always

K x x x

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what do you mean how can they be real?

they look real ok :D

answer is: you are taking enough to stop your thyroid producing hardly anything and not enough to replace what you need ie: need an increase :D

let us know what dr P says :)

I feel a dr S visit coming on soon (for myself that is)


Ahh...Thanks hun.... It just didn't make sense lol( brain dead) . I have ' inner shivering' too. Not sure how much of an increase I'll tolerate... Do you mean both t4 and t3? X

What's happening to you then?? :)

K x x


Agree with NBD as most likely.


Hello :-) Just being curious, inner shivering? I experience something like that lately. What is the cause of this inner shivering, vibrating? Thank you :)


Hi... Yes an inner vibration where my hands and muscles tremble...ever so slightly... Until I exercise then it's quite noticeable. I'm trying to work out whether it's an adrenal issue or a medication issue

K x


well, that's for you and Dr P to decide (whether to increase T3 or T4), am sure Dr P will know the answer though.

I would decide on your symptoms and history whether to increase T3 or T4 and not by the bloods


*scratching Why ,when I was producing more natural hormone , did I still feel rubbish.... In fact worse!

And why ... Has all this gone completely over my head!!! Lol! :/ Doh!


you are receiving different 'ratios' of such hormones right now than before when you relied just on your thyroid, that is one possibility to your answer


Have you ever tried looking at your diet for the answer or thought about absorbtion issues - just a thought as I know you have been unwell for an awful long time.

Since going wheat free a few months ago I have felt a vast improvement and my blood tests are looking a lot better.

Moggie x


Hi Moggie.... Yes it had crossed my mind. Dr P is now asking for me to start eliminating certain foods but I can't get my head round this just now. I've just started back to work and I need time to adjust first without having to think about that too. My bloods surprised me... I thought taking both t4/3 my levels would be much higher especially t3. It hasn't budged! My b12 is slightly higher than last year and my ferritin is the same as last year. So where's it all going? I will be writing to dr p this week as I'm feeling very fatigued. I got to 11.00am at work before wanting to go to sleep ( it was 1 pm last week ) . We never have enough empty beds at work for me to just nip off for a nap lol!! I will write a proper blog soon to give a full update too . Hugs

K x x x


Sounds to me like you have an absorbtion/uptake problem which would be to do with your gut. Have you been keeping an eye on Skyfall's blogs which are all about gut/adrenal/thyroid problems. You might want to take a look to see if anything sets alarm bells ringing with you.

NaamiSue also did a few blogs on the subject but I feel she thought she was not being understood so she stopped blogging. She was sent down that path by a professor and is now doing great.

I know the cleaner my gut is getting the better I am feeling. What sort of foods does Dr.P. want you to stop?

Re empty beds - just chuck mum and baby out a bit earlier every time you want a nap, I'm sure they wont

Moggie x


Lol... I don't think it would be possible to send them home any quicker... Turnover too fast already !! Dr p said to choose 6 foods I eat the most but I'm not sure if he meant food groups. Yes Skyfalls blogs are very good/informative. I've got to get rid of this ' cba' attitude that dominates me x


I have found it relatively easy to go wheat free - but was astonished at how much I had to give up. Wheat is hidden in a lot of foods that you wouldn't even think about.

I have also given up chocolate (yep chocolate - well sugar actually) which I never thought I would be able to do. One of my daughters bought me a box of chocolates for mothers day and I thought "well I might as well" and boy did I feel ill the next day. I could hardly open my eyes I was so tired and didn't think I would last the day at work. Not saying it was definately the chocolate that did it but it felt like it was (if you know what I mean).

I know Naamisue had to start with just apples and pototoes and then gradually add one food a week - not sure if I could go that far but it seems to have worked for her.

Let me know how you get on wont you, it will be interesting to hear what Dr.P. advises.

You never know getting your gut a bit cleaner might even get rid of the cba

Moggie x


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