Ferritin levels

Hi all! As some of you know I have been taking t3 only for about 16 weeks, most things are better but I have very weak and painful muscles. My last iron test showed I was anaemic and my Ferritin level is 120 with a range of 30 to 300! I suggested to my doc that an iron infusion might help but he said no as I am normal range? Any thoughts would be helpful? Thanks

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Acunatang, I'm sorry you've had no replies. You may find some answers in these links:




Thanks for the links, they are interesting! What is your opinion clutter, I think you have spoken to me about Ferritin before? Thanks again :-)


Acunatang, I don't know much about ferritin and iron. Low ferritin can be an early indicator of iron deficiency/anaemia but your ferritin is good. On the other hand ferritin is raised when there is inflammation in the body. If a previous iron test showed iron anaemia I would have thought a full iron panel should be done rather than rely on ferritin as an indicator.


Yes but I am looking at recent tests, i am due to have more done soon, just waiting for the letter from doc! If you think my ferritin is ok then maybe I was mistaken! I will keep an eye on next tests, I am having a lot of different stuff done! Thanks for your help x


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