How long until I feel Better on NDT?

Hi everyone. Sorry for the rapid posting but I didn't want to start another subject on my last post. How long does it take to feel better on NDT? I started taking it a week ago. I was hoping to be one of the people that felt instantly better but sadly no. But I'm not giving up! I was taking 100 mcg Levo and 20 mcg T3. So I started off taking two 60 mg tabs (2 grains) of the NDT a day. One at 3 am and the other mid-day. I started feeling anxious after 2nd pill so yesterday I cut the second pill of the day in half and split it up so I wouldn't get dose all at once. Any suggestions would be most graciously appreciated xxx

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  • I was on T4 and T3 combined before going in NDT and like you I hoped for a smooth transition. However I had to stick with it for a couple of months before I started to feel well. I had awful headaches every day. But I feel much better now and it was worth the transition. LB

  • Yes I'm feeling heavy around my base of my neck and headachy. Thank you. At least I know more of what to expect

  • It can take take many months or even a year to feel really well on NDT for the simple reason that damaged tissues in the body need to heal and this depends how long you were hypothyroid and how damaged they are oplus how good your diet and supplement taking are

  • Well I'm just learning. And my doctor doesn't do all the necessary checking on my bloods. I am starting to take supplements. I was told selenium helps too?

  • Hi reallyfedup123, I have been on NDT a year now no hypo feeling at all but I did have high cortisol its took me 6 months to get it back in normal range and now I'm noticing my NDT working much better, I was on 250mg Levo for 10 years I was inflamed and puffy all over, that went within weeks of starting NDT. I have thick mucin on outside of arms and thighs and calves, my legs look awful, but I am now getting a shivery feeling through them, I'm hoping that this means my skin is improving, if you have any symptoms things were improving for you could you share them please

  • It took me 4 months. It is a slow process, particularly when your health has been mismanaged for an extended period by the NHS

  • Thank you for that. That is realistic timeline xx

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