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New blood private blood Results

Hi just wanted to post some blood results that i payed private with biolab ..i stared taking thyroxine in March after having to force my Gp's hand as my tsh was at 4.67 not over 5 which is top of range ..but felt so unwell he started me on 25mcg then up to 50mcg ... i was still feeling poorly but my bloods after 6 weeks showed my tsh had reduced down to 1.39 but i was still feeling poorly ..i have b12 injections every 12 weeks as I'm a coeliac and don't absorb very well ,and my VitD was adequate i couldn't understand why i still had weak painful arms and a burning sensation in my body a type of neuropathy ..i had no choice other than to pay Bio lab in london for private bloods My FT4 is 17 (9-22) FT3 4.64 (2.63-5.70) TSH 0.19 (0.35-22.0) i was a bit concerned that my TSH was so low but i feel ok :) But what i did have tested was my B Vits .... B1 Borderline ...B2 ...deficient ....B6 borderline it looks like my weak arms and pains and dry crusty scalp and neuropathy are due to these being LOW and not my thyroid !! Well worth the money to stop me now keep blaming my thyroid the GP has given me strong B complex which i hope will sort things out ? `the only thing that worries me is the low TSH ? Your thoughts on this post would be appreciated ..many thanks xxxxxxxx

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Lynnwin, TSH is a pituitary hormone. It rises when it detects a lack of thyroid hormone and drops when sufficient hormone is circulating. The TSH range is a statistical average of the levels of people in your area. Some have and need a lower TSH in order that FT4 can rise to a decent level. Low TSH doesn't indicate overmedication unless FT3 is over range and although your FT4 and FT3 are quite good they are a long way from top of range. My own TSH is suppressed between undetectable and 0.01.

Hypothyroid symptoms can lag behind good biochemistry by a couple of months so it is likely some of your symptoms may still be due to thyroid.

I hope the B Complex helps with your other symptoms. It may be an idea to buy a separate B2 vitamin to correct the B2 deficiency.


Hi thank you for explaining that to me clutter :) i was worried my TSH was too low ?....i do have B2 in the B complex the GP has given me on prescription so hoping they help ? Just annoying that i had to pay for these bloods ...the gp wouldn't even do FT3 or FT4 so i payed for that too waiting for the rest to come back . I supplement with VitD vitC also and take a probiotic so i think its a good idea to see where i am from taking these vits ? i have also had a urine test for candida and still waiting for that result also .

Many thanks for your help and advice xxxxxxxx


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