Urgent! Update on Dr Skinner's IOP

Urgent!  Update on Dr Skinner's IOP

As of Wednesday 10th April, Lucy Galbraith has taken over from Elisa Summerfield as Investigation Officer. Any e-mails sent to Elisa Summerfield before 10th April will have been dealt with.

The contact for Dr Skinner's case is now:-

Lucy Galbraith,

General Medical Council,

3 Hardman Street,

Manchester M3 3AW.

0161 923 6592

Email lgalbraith@gmc-uk.org

Please quote: Case number ES/C1-462487326.

Please also send a copy to Dr Skinner at 22 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8BE or to afshan@vri.org.uk

If you sent an e-mail to Elisa Summerfield after Tuesday 9th April please copy it to Lucy Galbraith.

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thanks for this as I sent mine on the 10th therefore have forwarded the original to this new person :)


I have re sent my letter written recently, and to the new person. MF x


I'd like to send an email but don't know how to word it ... Any advice greatly appreciated :-)


Hi Jonesey,

I think all you have to say in a nut shell is about your experience of thyroid care with Dr Skinner compared to other doctors, and how much Dr S has improved your condition, and how without him you would still be very ill. That's a sort of summary of what I've written anyway :) so hope this helps! I basically said something along the lines of : I am writing regarding Dr S's IOP on Friday. He saved me. Other doctors are useless. Without Dr S I would be very ill. Please allow him to continue practising without restriction. It's really important.

Although I hope others will comment on what they have written too, as I hope I have written the right sort of thing! xx


Although that's really summarised lol


Where can I read about Dr Skinner's case. I dont know about it I'm afraid. I can only presume from I've read that he has been a great help to a lot of thyroid problem sufferers. Thanks.


Hi I'm not a patient of his, I would still like to support him. He is at least trying to help us where the BMW GMC, is failing because of the emphasis on bloods not symptoms. Can I still write in support and what can I write any help please.


I sent an e-mail of support this morning. I hope it helps :-)


Is there an update anywhere on how the hearing went?


There was a blog from Muffy to say that he can still carry on with existing conditions. I can't get the blog to load for some reason - you could drop Muffy a message for more details..




Thanks Louise.


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