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TSH Level Change

Hi, I went to see a different doctor as mine wouldn't check my blood when I told him I was sleeping all the time. I had upped my dose of iron tablets from 1 a day to 3 a day and it wasn't working and he wasn't bothered by that. I dropped down to 2 tabs a day then decided enough was enough, and saw a different doctor. He said he would send me for blood tests, though had me fill in a check list form whilst I was there-Decided because I had ticked I was too tired to read a paper and was sleeping far too much, (because I scored too many points), I was 'depressed', (which I am not and told him in no certain terms that I was), but decided to do 'the blood tests just in case'. Well, the tests came back normal, except my TSH level was 4.3, (he told me that it was borderline), flashed up red on his screen, whereas it had been 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 previously. Since that test I have been suffering with sweats to my face, inner arms, arm pits, legs and back. When this happens I feel jittery and feel like I will pass out. I have also had a break out of red angry spots all over my back...(Not sure if that is connected, but they are still there, the redness has gone down). Anyway, the doctor was going to medicate me but then thought he would do another TSH test in 2 weeks from seeing me, which I had done last Thursday, 11 June, to see if my levels had stayed the same or changed. I have phoned the surgery this morning to see if they had my results and I have been told that they were 'normal' though the receptionist said she wasn't qualified to tell me the actual result. I am hoping I will be able to get to see this doctor tomorrow but I doubt it very much as they book up no sooner as they open the lines. Fed up of being overtired and not me. Been like this the best part of 13 years since a collapse in the bathroom!

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Don't accept being told 'normal', ask for the results in writing. Sometimes GPs do nothing until your TSH reaches 10 and what a chump for claiming you're depressed yet unable to diagnose hypothyroidism.

Be firm and if GP doesn't do anything, see another in the practice. Alternatively write a letter to the Practice Manager stating that they're doing nothing to help you regain your health, that will spring them into action.


Since your TSH is not that high (but rise from 1.3 to over 4 is significant and you feel awful I think you need to ask for TPO antibody test and also ask for ferritin, folate, B12 and Vit D3 to be tested. If they won't do them then see if you can afford Blue horizon thyroid panel test. You don't even need someone to draw blood as they have finger prick tests and also you can get D3 test via finger prick too. Once you have your results post them on here for comment.


My GP always said I was depressed as I was always tired,no, I was depressed because I was sleeping all day. Depression does make you tired and you feel you want to hide away from the world. But having no energy and not being treated for hypothyroidism is completely different. Luckily for me I moved, found a new GP and this site.

Keep on fighting GPs and good luck!


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