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Just got results of blood test

Hello everybody,

First time postimg on here. I've just received my serum results from blood test last week, and awful as it sounds I was hoping they would show I am hypo. I'm not fully conversant with what the figures mean, and was hoping somebody more experienced could help. (Pic below).

I was looking for answers as to my symptoms which have been ruling my life since last summer (main one being absolute exhaustion). Had ferritin, folate and B12 done last October (4, 20 & 142 respectively), have got all those levels up to top quadrant now and having 3 monthly B12 injections. I suffer with daily tingling in my hands and feet, I've broken out with acne on my chest and back and the joint pain is a daily battle.

I just don't know the way forward from here :-/


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have they checked your thyroid antibodies?

I also have tingling, is it gone after injections? Is acne also a part of b12 deficiency?

If you have joint pain and fatigue I'd also get some other antibodies checked, such as ANA, just to make sure there is no auto immune condition.

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Hi Missymystique,

Thanks for your response. No, the tingling remains after injections (I am also supplementing with sublingual B12 as I don't think 1mg every three months is adequate).

I went for the intermediate thyroid and could have kicked myself as for an extra £20 I could have had the next level up which includes TpAb. I've just phoned to ask if they can use my sample from last week and awaiting an answer.

I was referred to a rheumatologist about my joints in April - he said I am hypermobility, so it sounds like the ANA would be a good test.

Thanks again



Did he check ANA? also did he do tests on RA?

I'd say next step is definitely antibody testing. RA is also associated with tingling.

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Hi Missy,

Just home from getting daughter's hair and make up trial done for prom!

Just dug out my results from rheumatologist visit.

Can't see an entry for ANA but is that the same as an immunoglobulin profile?

Results of those are as follows:

IgG 14.6 g/L (6.0-16.0)

IgG 2.06 g/L (0.8-2.8)

IgM 1.01 g/L (0.5-1.1)

The only result that is out of the range is my total protein on my liver function test at 82 g/L (61-79).

I got a response - will have to provide new sample if I want TpAb tested.




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