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Hi I've had my left side of thyroid out in July 2014 I've been to see endo for 6 months later and blood work is ok apart from being high but within range of antibodies but recently I've noticed right side really hurting has anybody had same problem with right side feeling spongy and sore also but I don't know if this is connected but my glands under my ears and chin are up more

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  • Loubelou, it sounds like Hashimoto's is attacking your remaining thyroid but you should let your GP examine your throat in case you have an infection or virus making your other glands swell.

  • On antibodies for a cough but they've been up and down for months

  • Sorry antbotics

  • Loubelou, funny, I read antibodies as antibiotics. I suppose the brain puts it into context. If you're on Levothyroxine it may be worth having a blood test in case the antibiotics are interfering with absorption.

  • Not on any meds but ill ask again over glands I feel like I'm banging my head at the wall the doctors are pooh

  • Loubelou I had my left side removed in February due to having a large goiter .Not on any Meds as was told everything was ok including my blood results but I'm feeling tired and no energy .Not due for another blood test till September.

  • If your feeling bad don't wait go to the docs and ask him to check your bloods

  • I'm f you've just had your thyroid out shouldn't u be tested every 3 months I was

  • I only had half thyroid removed and last blood tests I had done was told everything was ok .

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