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Red circles around eyes and mouth

Has anyone had experiences with having red itching eyes (also red circles around them) and redness around the mouth? This past few months I have experienced this quite a bit. I have been to Opthamologist. First time out she said it was dry eye second time out she said allergies. Gave me some ointment to use and that was all. Went to optometrist a few weeks ago and she said not dry eye but allergies and stated I should try Easy Tears soft gels and after a couple of months I should see a huge improvement. I do see some difference but not much. I am also experiencing the redness around my mouth. Upper lip is very dry. Have never in my life experienced either of these types of things. When I look in the mirror I'm horrified.

I know everything is out of kilter and am waiting for my Endo appointment in July. We here in AZ cannot order labs with out doctors orders until a new law passes first part of July so hopefully will have those done before my appointment. My PC was of absolutely no help when I questioned her about my results and asked why no T3. She said it didn't matter! Hence now referred to Endo. I am trying all kinds of different things to get rid of the redness on my face but haven't really succeeded and don't know what it is from.

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cracks at the corners of the mouth and dry lips are said to be a sign of B12 deficiency. Dark circles below the eyes, the exhausted look, can also be a sign of B12 deficiency. Have a look at some of the B12 deficiency sites on the internet and see if you fit any other symptoms - glossitis - a swollen tonge with scalloped edges? Lack of desire for sex?

If so have a look around B12 issues - the big problem is the blood test for B12 might not necessarily be helpful.

B12 issues seem to be common with hypo, and other conditions like celiac and autoimmune gastritis which cause B12 deficiency often overlap.

NO free T3? ??? Is that possible while still conscious? Can you post blood test results so that the guys here can comment?

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Thanks. Doc stated that a T3 test wasn't of any need, that's what I meant. Sorry. One of the reasons she referred me to Endo. Not much was tested this last time. I'll dig out from this last check (Feb) and the one prior (Feb2014) both times but not much in testing other things as I've read from this site. I'll post later.


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