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peeling skin and redness around corners of mouth and nostrils - what is it?


This comes and goes, but mainly i have it almost constantly.

I put a thick layer of oil on my face every night as skin is generally dry anyway due to hashimotos and vit and min deficiencies, but this is concentrated right at the corners of my mouth and nostrils - what could it be? Anyone else have it?

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Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) deficiency causes this.


I have it around my nostrils - particularly the left one, and a patch on my forehead by my hairline on the right side. These have got worse since being well medicated on 2.5 grains of NDT. I don't think I'm deficient in B12 though. Would love some tips on how to get rid of it please? Xx


How interesting, i have pernicious anaemia so cannot absorb B's.

Also - mine is worse since switching to ndt and being properly medicated (though i feel better)

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Could you possibly explain why you think that Pernicious Anaemia prevents the absorption of the B vitamins other than B12?

I have always understood that PA is specifically the inability to absorb B12 due to lack of Intrinsic Factor. or presence of Intrinsic Factor antibodies.

I have this around my nose and nostrils, I use a whole manner of creams such as euceryn, sometimes it sore but more often than not constantly peeling with little cracks, so tempting to scrub / exfoliate with a flannel and moisturise but this makes it worse in the long run. Someone advised me to splash water on my face then moisturiser straight on top without too much rubbing in, it helps a bit, but not reall around nose area. Not nice is it :-(

Clarebear in reply to Femme1

Thanks. I have today for the first time invested in some night cream :D Will give this a go. Tried exfoliating this morning but agree not good in the long term :( xx

I've had for months a patch of dry skin on my forehead, also under my eyebrows near bridge of nose. Dr M thought it was strep A and suggested fusicid acid cream. She was right, it got rid of it in three days! No amount of moisturising cream worked over months!

Of course there is so many reasons why dry patches of skin appear on someone's face so am not saying yours is the same, was just sharing my experience

Can you buy this over the counter? X

RedAppleAdministrator in reply to Clarebear

Unfortunately not, it's an antibiotic cream that's prescription only. Trip to the doc I'm afraid :(

Clarebear in reply to RedApple

Thx ;)

That's interesting, got to be worth a go , be fab if it works!


Sometimes a name helps. The corner-of-the-mouth issue could be Angular Cheilitis.

Wiki agrees with posters above:


Hidden in reply to helvella

I get the corners of my mouth spliting sometimes, its realy hard to heal it, soon as you open your mouth it splits again, not had it for ages touch wood tho, i wondered what it was called xx

For me the best thing for my skin is Nivea Light. It gets rid of sore area, dry patches and redness and I use as a day creme, night creme and body creme. I also use it on my horse as she tends to get itchy hocks. It's brilliant stuff and very cheap.

The corners of my mouth have been badly chapped and fissured. (This was the problem).

If it is perleche,(possible diagnosis) this doctor recommends this:

Actually, the most common cause of this is a relative deficiency of B complex vitamins. You might first try taking at least 100 Balanced B twice a day for a few weeks and see what happens.

ALSO, depending on the part of the country you live in, this could be aggravated by low indoor humiditiy.

If this is candida, you have it throughout your entire intestinal tract; the lips being the beginning of that tract. Only a physician knowledgable about C-RS would be competent to manage this.

Antibiotics can cause splits at corner of mouth.. Never had it before but course of anti bio.for sinus infection caused it..

Dr. also said lack of magnesium can be to blame.

neutropenia? rusulting in bacterial infection of the skin? Perhaps an antibiotic cream would help.

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