Under Eye Bags and circles

Hi Folks

I know this is off topic so to speak but i have terrible puffiness and circles underneath my eyes, it seems to have come on rather suddenly and i look bloody terrible, they make me look so old i am 54 and look 84!!!!

I am going through a tremendous amount of stress right now with relationship issues and problems with my house.

Any advice would be great

Dotti x

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  • I do have Hypothyroidism and take 75mcgs it does at times feel like i am allergic to something, but what that something is who knows

    Dotti x

  • I am so interested in what advice you get as I have noticed the same problem, though one morning my below my left eye was worse. Best of luck x

  • I get facial (and limb) swelling from low thyroid sometimes, but I'd noticed if I eat too many carbohydrates then my blood sugar will be high the next morning, and my eyelids will swell so much they look like bubbles.

  • Many of us have histamine intolerance. I am on of them. I cannot function without antihistamines. Watery eyes, sneezing (violently), etc. Up until two years ago, never had an allergy symptom and then bam! Ugh!

    Here's a great article on it:


  • The only recent bloods i have is my T.SH which was i think 0.40 that was done in June this year, when i can afford it i will be getting a full blood profile done with Blue Horizon.

    Thanks for your replies

    Dotti x

  • Hi Dotti that's a shame you are stressed.. yes I have newly diagnosed sub-clinical hypothyrpidism and for first time in my life I have dark circles and puffy eyelids thinning on outer edges of eyebrows fluid in ankles face and neck.! Lovely disease isn't it!! Also very anaemic. Been on iron 2 weeks and Levo 6 days and fluid in ankles almost gone and in face reducing xx

  • Oh to be normal and stress free !!!

    Dotti x

  • Hi Dotti I have found deep breathing helps and talking to a friend xx take good care xx

  • Dotti -I asked the forum about the dark circles under my eyes a few weeks ago. I had some very helpful replies. The post is entitled 'Eyes? like a drug addict' or something similar. I remember that for a couple of days I felt that my blood sugar was unstable. I was crashing continually. Felt awful. And my eyes were awful to look at. Then after 48 hours I recovered and how much better my eye shadows looked! Stress does terrible things to us as we know. If your diet hasn't changed Dotti and your blood sugar is ok, perhaps extra vit c at night before going to bed might help? That was Marz's advice to me.

  • Thanks i will give that a try

    Dotti x

  • Iron Deficiency

    "An iron deficiency can cause dark under-eye circles. Because iron carries oxygen, a lack of it can mean that the cells don’t get enough oxygen. This can give the cells under your eyes a dark appearance. Also, iron-deficiency anemia can make your skin look pale and ashy. As a result, any dark circles under your eyes -- even those caused by another condition -- can look even darker. If you correct the iron deficiency, your skin will regain a healthy color that will either fix or hide the circles, depending on what’s causing them."


    I know this one for a fact. Very true! Also, remember that stresses deplete our vitamin and mineral stores. Make sure your vitamins and minerals are up to par. It's difficult with hypothyroidism because when we are vitamin/mineral deficient, we cannot absorb our thyroid hormones efficiently. It can be a vicious cycle.

    Hope this helps you!


  • A big thank you and hugs to everyone who replied, really helpful

    Dotti xx

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