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Information/help please

Issues experienced

dizzyness loss of balance, flu like symptoms fogginess like hangover, so incredibly tired and sleeping all time, no energy for anything, anxiety, swollen hands-fingers, so very cold all the time but can swing to overheating - unable to control temperature swings. Feels like something in throat often get choking when eating. Don't eat much - no appetite - but nauseaus all time and terrible unexplained weight gain. Jaw pain, joint pain. Loss of period - was told menopausal - then last week terribly painful period lasted all week after 12 month absence. feel so bloated and unwell. Doctor says nothing medically wrong.

Paid for private thyroid check tpo came back negative.

tsh 0.85 (0.27-4.2)

FT4 14.33 (12-22)

FT3 3.5 (3.1 - 6.8)

HELP please - just do not know what to do or say to get gp on board to help

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No, it didn't come back negative, that would mean you had no thyroid. And you'd be dead! You do have a thyroid, but it's not getting enough stimulus to make enough hormone, which is why you have all those symptoms. This is called secondary hypothyroidism, and is a problem with the pituitary rather then the thyroid gland.

Your FT3 and FT4 are much much too low, but l suppose your doctor only tested the TSH and has no idea about symptoms. They really are clueless. Have you shown him these results? if not, show him and suggest you might have secondary hypo, And ask for a referal to an endo, because l really doubt that your doctor has any knowledge of pituitary problems.

But don't tell him he's an idiot, that probably wouldn't help. lol

Hugs, Grey


Have you had your B12 tested Rainbow? Symptoms of B12 are extreme fatigue, loss of balance, anxiety, difficulty in swallowing, etc. are symptoms. These links might help:


I would add to the B12 suggestion and would strongly suggest getting tests for ferritin, iron, vitamin D and folate. Your GP should be willing to do them. Ask for a copy of the results including reference ranges and post them in a new post on here. You should always ask for a copy of blood tests from now on, and start keeping a history. It is a good idea to write your symptoms down whenever you get blood tests done, and also note the supplements and other medications and dosages you are taking as well.

If your B12 comes back low, don't start supplementing immediately, ask for testing for pernicious anaemia. Supplementing before testing makes it almost impossible to get a diagnosis.

Don't buy any supplements until you've been tested. People on here can suggest dosages depending on your levels, good types and brands to buy etc

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