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Feeling exasperated ---- and all the usual stuff --tired,foggy head etc etc

Been to the Dr. She thinks I'm depressed ! Too damned right I'mdepressed. I'm depressed because I feel so rubbish most of the time. She has asked for some blood tests but only the usual -- TSH anaemia kidney and liver function etc etc. They don't test for T3. My TSH level at the last test in October was slightly low so as far as they are concerned I am being slightly over prescribed levothyroxine.

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AliF, What was the TSH in October? Arrange the blood draw early in the morning, before breakfast, TSH is highest then. Leave 24 hours between last dose and blood draw.


Alif, I understand what you are saying, I have been fighting a losing battle with the doctor for years, I am now 77 and I truly feel that they really cant be bothered with me.

Like yourself I experience many days when I feel dreadful... I eat a very healthy diet, and take several suppliments including vit D....but hey! Im told with a smile ,"you have to eccept these things at your age !! So yes I just enjoy my "good days" what else is there. I wish you good luck ,X


Thanks Sam for your reply. I think the only way is to see an endocrinologist privately to get a whole load of different things tested including t3 levels. At least then there will be some evidence,one way or the other to show what is going on!


It sounds like the thyroxine, T4 is not converting properly. Have you had an adrenal saliva test? you can get this through Genova and in my opinion it's the best, better than blood. I would suggest you find a doctor that understands that depression for no reason is thyroid related and the blood tests must not be relied upon. T3 with T4 is much better as it ensures some T3 enters the sites on the cells.

I was so depressed on T4 only I could not go out. I cried all day as they took away my gland and put me on T4 only. It was not until I was prescribed T3 that the light came back on.


Thanks for the reply. GP's seem to be deliberately blind to the T4 to T3 conversion. They don't test for it and don't seem to even recognise that it is a problem. Today is a little better but unbeleivably dizzy all the time with the thyroid fog! Are Geneva a private testing company ? I will google them. Thanks again. It really helps knowing other people have been through the same thing.


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