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slow pulse

i stopped nature throid 3 days ago and did a yellow card and contacted supplier as i think they were a bad batch

my pulse slowed down yesterday and is now 50-65 from 80-100

last year when my pulse was 50 i called dr and he said he wasnt worried

i cannot get any more nature throid as chemist has been unable to get the last 3 lots

im not sure if dr will prescribe me anything else other than levo

ive been taking Thyroid by nutri-pak that i brough a long time ago and stopped taking them

im not sure what T's are in them but it says 130mg thyriod tissue

i should have started 3 grains a month ago and become very unwell so have only just been managing 1 12/ grains daily

has my pulse slowed because im under medicated?

these are what im taking now and i really dont know how much to take

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Mandy, Unfortunately they don't specify how much T4 and T3 the tablets contain. As you've been taking NDT you may not need to start as low as half a tablet.

Website says: Typically most people need to build up over several weeks to a level between 1½ and 2½ tablets daily.

Begin by taking half to one tablet daily*. Generally it is found to be safe to start at a half tablet daily (providing the heart is not weak) and to hold at that dose for 3 to 14 days (an absolute minimum of 3 days).

*Some very sensitive individuals may even find half a tablet daily overly stimulating in which case start at ¼ tablet daily.

Increase the amount you are taking by half tablet and maintain that amount for another three to fourteen days before increasing again; until you feel you have achieved your optimal level.


i took 1 tablet yesterday split in two doses

ive just emailed them and asked about T3 and T4 so hopefully can increase the dose as feel awful


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