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Help with choosing a Dr/Endo

I have received the list from Louise for recommended Endo/Drs, I think I have narrowed it down to either seeing Dr Owen of the Natural Practice or Dr A Luissegged Endo. I can't decide which would be best to try as the first is more of a homeopathic route and the other is an endocrinologist. Would anybody be able to advise me on what they think would be better or whether anyone else might be better?

I'm just finding it really hard to choose someone from the list and I really want to get it right as I feel this is my last time seeking help. Any suggestions for anyone by PM would be great.

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I know exactly what you mean! I have improved a lot by supplements etc so I wouldn't want someone who dismisses that. My present Endo who is on the list but not really helped so far is retiring so I have an appointment to see his successor in September so waiting for that then may be have to look at an alternative I am interested in. I hope you get some good advice from others who have seen the ones you mention.


Thanks for your reply, I hope the new Endo in Sept you'll see will be able to help you a lot more!


Thank you! It's a bit of a lottery isn't it! The one I have looked into works with NDT which is my preferred next step but when you add in travel costs etc can make it very expensive. Not ruling that out but trying nearer home first. Hoping for good vibes for you as well!


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