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Is anyone doing an elimination diet?


For the next few weeks, I need to eat foods that don't spike up insulin levels. I have to cut out carbs, wheat and I am not supposed to snack during the day except for protein shakes!

So, what foods can be eaten that don't cause insulin levels to spike?

Can anyone recommend stockists of protein shakes that don't contain lactose?

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Sandra, I can't answer your question but please check the protein shakes don't contain soy which can affect absorption of Levothyroxine.

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Thanks clutter


Plant fusion. I use them and they're great,


Hi Spangly - are they only based in the US?


I got mine from which are UK based.


You can eat absolutely any protein (or fat) and nearly all vegetables (not sweet ones, like carrots, although I doubt if they'd cause spiking). Protein shakes are very suspect as they are full of chemicals and additives and often a pile of sugar, which totally defeats the purpose. Eat real protein and you'll fare better.


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