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I spent a long time writing a post last night re high cortisol and with all my ranges and it didn't appear :( I haven't the energy to write it all out again. Basically I have high Cortisol outside the range on three successive occasions. My TSH is low but within range. My T3 and T4 both quite low but within range (and up from last time when no action was taken). I have been thinking along the lines of my pituitary and comments on these boards have confirmed that this is where to look. My GP said he would have a word with the endo about cortisol and then he'd either get back to me or I'd get a letter from the endo. I also have high blood sugar and so need to do a fasting test. Last time I did a fasting one after an initial high result it came back normal. My main symptoms are fatigue, migraines/headaches and feeling cold amongst many other things. There are other confounding issues eg being perimenopausal and being on anti-depressants (low dose).

Is there an adrenals test - ACTH or something similar - as I don't see that in any of my blood test results although would have to double check. Is that another one of those that you have to do privately?

Many thanks

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I would appreciate a reply - thanks


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