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Help please?

Hi all, just back from a rather good GP consultation, quite pleasantly surprised. She listened to everything I said and has agreed to refer me back to see an endocrinologist. So I need to know how to contact Louise Warville for the list of recommended endocrinologists. I live in Essex, but can travel to London if necessary. So if anyone wants to private message me a name of a good one in this area that would be fine. Also, she has agreed to me having a trial of six weekly B12 injections! I can't quite believe it, I even took my husband with me to help fight my corner. So I've booked my next injection for two weeks time. Yippee! I've been on twelve weekly jabs for about fifteen months, and always feel as though the last four weeks , before my jab, I am running down. (Like a battery).

My reasons for going back to see an endocrinologist are because since the diagnosis of fibromyalgia, I have been looking more closely at all my symptoms. I feel it's worth going back to the beginning, ( the thyroid), to get more detailed and up to date checks, and hopefully more thorough blood tests.

I was never told if it was autoimmune thyroid disease when it was diagnosed, but believe it probably was. The B12 blood tests did show some intrinsic factor, does this confirm Pernicious Anaemia?

I think probably all these illnesses are autoimmune, I wonder if my body has any other nasty little surprises brewing?

Anyway, thank you all for being there and for your support. MariLiz x

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Mariliz, email for a list of endos recommended by members.

It may be worth asking whether your thyroid antibodies were tested when you were first diagnosed and for a copy of the intrinsic factor results. Make sure you get the lab ref ranges with them as it isn't possible to determine whether results are negative or positive without them.


Many thanks for this Clutter, I did ask my GP about seeing the endocrinologist I saw originally. Unfortunately it seems he's now working abroad. This was several years ago ( 8-10), so I'm not sure how much of the original information will be in my medical records. I had seen him privately too, so would that mean my GP will have those results on file? I will be back at the surgery for my B12 injection on 15th June, so I will try and find out if I can get those results. Meanwhile I will write to Louise for the endocrinologist list. Thank you very much for the help. MariLiz


Mariliz, If the private endo sent copies of your results to your GP they should have them.


Thank you again, I will phone the surgery to see if I can get these results either when I visit, or before if possible. I wasn't sure how it worked when you saw someone privately. MariLiz


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