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24-hour cortisol test: supplements skew results?

I've just done a 24-hour cortisol test from Genova Diagnostics. For the 24 hours of the test I did not use my Beconase spray as it contains steroids but I did continue to take my zinc supplement. Now I read on STTM that I should have been off both for at least two weeks prior to testing.

Will the zinc and the Beconase make much of a difference?



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j I would ring genova ask for the lab and ask. good luck.


My understanding is to leave a full two weeks free of steroids before testing. Isn't there info on the instruction leaflet?


Nope. It just says that they may influence the results:



Hi , I can see the list of drugs on the leaflet, including the nasal spray you're using. I would have emailed the lab first before using the test. They do answer your questions quickly from my experience. Not too sure how much this would have affected your results. Were your readings high? Or haven't you had the results yet?

I'm guessing all you can do is do another test in a few months time and compare them, but this time not using your nasal spray for at least 2 weeks. Shame because I know how much this test costs.


Haven't had 'em yet, only posted them yesterday.

Yes, a retest in a few months might not be a bad idea. On the other hand, there's a very good reason why I have to use the nasal spray. Have you ever had nasal polyps? It's like trying to breathe through two of those cotton wool plugs the dentist uses without it!


I know it's tough! I was on that spray for 5 years, for another problem but yes breathing was hard, so you have my sympathy.

Could you get your polyps operated on? I know they tend to grow back though, but I now know how using a nasal spray can wreck your adrenal function, so if you have treatment and not have to use the spray, in the long term it will be much better for your system. I've spoken to many people who now have Addison's disease from using inhalers for asthma. Mine has been wrecked by steroid injections for joints. I don't think enough info is given out before prescribing steroids. I'm now having to take hydrocortisone @ 30 mg a day as I now have adrenal exhaustion. It's going to be very difficult to come off this for two weeks, I dread it!

Post your results when you get them. Good luck!


Possibly (again), but I need to go to the ENT clinic to see how bad it is first. Got a referral but the date clashed with my summer holidays :-/

Ugh, I hate polyps: constant postnasal drip, breathing difficulties, sinus infections, crusty nose, gluey ears and REALLY itchy skin round the inner part of the eyes (a classic symptom, apparently, but I wish I'd known prior to twenty-odd years of scratching and rubbing so hard that I ended up with flayed skin and corneal (sometimes double) scratches).

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I've just come across this article, which suggests that 1000mcg of the active ingredient in Beconase per day for a month had no effect on morning cortisol levels:


However, I cannot determine roughly how much active ingredient is in one full squirt of Beconase.

Genova have confirmed that zinc supplements will not affect the results.


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