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TSH 21.32 and FT4 17.4 Thyroid Blood Results

Please help explain, My son (25) had a thyroidectomy removal aged 18 (after being diagnosed with Graves Disease at 15 and being on meds until he was 18 until he could have surgery.) He now takes 150ml of Levothyroxine and has had his blood test results back today giving TSH of 21.32 and FT4 of 17.4. (I myself was diagnosed with an under active thyroid 4 years ago and I cope well with my levothyroxine years after my Sons problems)... can anyone please explain what these levels mean..... (in laymens terms please) we know these levels are so high.... he is currently studying in Australia and has lost alot of weight (yet again) Im so worried, thanks in advance

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Crazylegs, I think the first thing is to rule out lab error by asking them to re run the tests. Your son should have FT3 tested too as elevated FT3 may be the reason for his weight loss.

If the TSH result is still elevated &/or FT3 is elevated your son should see an endocrinologist for investigation into pituitary dysfunction to rule out TSHoma, a TSH secreting benign adenoma and investigation into reduced sensitivity to thyroid hormone.

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