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New blood results TSH FT3 FT4 and Cortisol


Hi can anyone tell me are these results ok ?

TSH 0.02

FT3 6.1

FT4 11.7

Cortisol. 600

Blood taken at 9am

Thank you 😊

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Can you post ranges please 😊

No anti-bodies ?

Poppyrocks369 in reply to Marz

Hi I’ve replied with ranges to reallyfedup thanks

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Poppyrocks369 in reply to Hidden

Hi no antibodies apparantly they were fine last time

TSH range 0.30 -4.50

FT3 range 3.10 - 6.80

FT4 range 11-21

According to my Gp the cortisol just needs to be >172 and mine was 600

Hope this is helpful

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Poppyrocks369

What dose of thyroid meds are you on and are you testing after a dose change, if so did you leave 6 weeks?

Hi susie , I take 100mcg levo and 20mcg t3 split into 2 am and pm - I started this end January and have steadily started to feel better but never know what is a good result x

Marz in reply to Poppyrocks369

Reading one of your earlier posts I see you are taking T3 hence the good result and lower T4 result.

Raised cortisol could indicate inflammation ....

Poppyrocks369 in reply to Marz

Hi Marz thanks for reply and seems I’m getting there with results 😃 what type of inflammation do you mean is 600 not good for cortisol at 9am ?

Marz in reply to Poppyrocks369

Sorry am not an expert on Cortisol. I do understand the 24 hour saliva testing better 😊 I have raised Cortisol due to inflammation from Crohns I have been told ....

Maybe your GP can tell you more ..

Marz in reply to Marz

The above link takes you to previous posts/threads here on Thyroid UK - about Cortisol - hopefully some may prove helpful :-)


What about vitamin D, folate, B12 and ferritin levels?

Have these been tested recently

What, if anything do you supplement

Hi slowdragon I haven’t had this tested so no idea . I can’t just ask for these done at my gp’s. I have started taking vit D and vit b12 complex

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Poppyrocks369

You should really be tested first

Either asking GP or via private testing

Important to test vitamin D - £29 postal kit

Toxic in excess so testing twice yearly- aiming for around 100nmol

B12 - is water soluble. Suggest you test in 2-3 months - just to check not taking too much

Medichecks or Blue Horizon can test all these and full thyroid tests too

Thank you I will get tests

Hi slowdragon , I actually was tested for vit d

Serum total 25-OH vit D level. 43 range 25.00 -150.00nmol/L

Serum folate. 9ug/L range >2.50ug/L

Serum vit B12. 553ng/L. Range 197.00-771.00ng/L

Serum iron level 12 range 11.00-29.00umol/L

Serum transferin. 3 range 1.70-3.40 g/l

Serum ferritin 51 range 23.00 - 400.00ug/L


Serum LH 15.5 range 2.00-12.50 abnormal

Serum FSH 20.4 range 2.00-12.50 Abnormal

Any help gladly received


SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Poppyrocks369

So your vitamin D is far too low.

Aiming to improve and keep it around 100nmol

Using Better You vitamin D mouth spray is good as avoids poor gut function

It's trial and error what each person needs, perhaps try 3000iu spray once daily, retesting in 2-3 months. Also make sure to get some summer sunshine too

When supplementing vitamin D it's good idea to also take vitamin K2 Mk7, this helps direct the increased calcium to your bones . Magnesium supplements recommended too

Retesting vitamin D twice yearly once you reach good level. You may need higher maintenance dose in winter than summer.

Your iron and ferritin are too low. Has GP prescribed ferrous fumerate? Or any other iron?

If not try eating liver (or liver pate) once a week, should help improve levels

Hi Sliwdragon , thanks for that I am taking super strength but D 1000u one s day at moment , but will seek the spray and no I have no iron prescribed at the moment t I am seeing dr on 3rd May so I will ask her about it , many thanks

Marz in reply to Poppyrocks369

Either its B12 or a B Complex that will contain some B12. I am not aware of a B12 Complex ! Testing B12 now will reveal an inflated level so please take that into consideration. Do not allow your GP to say its normal - when he means in range 😊 Needs to be over 500 to prevent cognitive decline and neurological issues.

Poppyrocks369 in reply to Marz

Hi sorry I meant b complex and I won’t , it’s all so confusing

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