Goitre getting bigger

around 2 weeks ago I noticed a lump in my neck, I'v been feeling some pressure on my windpipe for a while but just shrugged it off as nothing major, I phoned doctors and got an appointment with my GP almost straight away, I didn't even have a chance to sit down before he said 'that's your thyroid' he felt my neck and told me it's been there for some time and it's going to get bigger (but looking back at photos of myself it definitely wasn't there a year ago) he didn't really give me much information to be honest he just said he wants blood tests done to check my thyroid hormone levels and also referred me for a thyroid scan, I'm due to have bloods done on the 2nd June (as they didn't have anything sooner) but he said I would get a letter in the post for my scan app, which I still haven't received, it's definitely got bigger within these two weeks and am feeling more pressure on my throat especially when I lay down at night I don't really have any symptoms apart from feeling tired all the time (but who doesn't in day to day life) I keep having to clear my throat and it goes hoarse numerous times throughout the day I have slight aching in my neck and my tongue feels like it's too big for my mouth, but apart from that I feel fine it's just the pressure scares me and want it to get sorted, it's also very noticeable as people keep pointing it out, my question is how long does it usually take to get a scan after seeing GP? And has anyone experienced the same symptoms as me if so what was your diagnosis? Sorry about long post

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  • Welcome to the forum, Caz85.

    Your GP sounds on the ball with thyroid. Goitres often develop because the thyroid gland enlarges to try to produce more hormone. The thyroid blood test will determine whether you have low thyroid hormone which may account for your fatigue. If your TSH is high and your FT4 low you'll be prescribed Levothyroxine. This may reduce the goiter after a few weeks.

    The ultrasound scan will note the condition and size of your thyroid gland and goiter and the size and number of any nodules. My GP chased the hospital quite hard and my ultrasound scan came through in 3 or 4 weeks, but 8 weeks isn't uncommon.

    I'd had difficulty swallowing and breathing and my voice had been hoarse for a long time but I didn't see a doctor until a lump appeared overnight. It turned out to be a large thyroid nodule which was compressing my windpipe. I found it easier to breath and sleep with an extra pillow on the bed so my head and neck were slightly elevated.

  • I am new to the forum but these were my exact symptoms as well, and it seems like at night it's worse right? Well tests were run for two years in a row and my tests for thyroid levels were normal but the lump in my neck was choking me so I went to a specialist who stated it was a Goiter and was scheduling me with a surgeon for removal which was only a 24 hour surgery but the next day I woke up with no voice and the surgeon came in and stated he ended up removing my whole thyroid and left lymphoid because it was Cancer. It has been hell for me since 2011. So always get second opinions and don't procrastinate!

    Good Luck!

  • Thank you both for your replies, Iv been searching all over the Internet to find people who are or have experienced similar situation, Iv been trying to get more information myself but it is scary as what does come up often is cancer, although it is unlikely I have it, it's there in the back on my mind, which is why I want to get it sorted to rule it out otherwise I'm gonna drive myself crazy! I really hope it doesn't take 8 weeks to get my scan through but I guess there is not a lot I can do so I guess its just a waiting game.

  • I have those exact symptoms! Had a scan and fna (needle in nodules to remove cells - check no cancerous cells). I also have what feels like air bubbles coming up every time I swallow. After my scan Endo said that my thyroid is a normal size, although I have a visible goitre! My blood tests show TSH in range...I took D102 gene test which has shown up that I have a faulty gene (big family history of thyroid troubles)...got a telephone apt with private doc at 1pm today (costing £100 - eek!) to discuss and hoping he might try me on some medication as a result...we will see! I've heard a lot of people say their goitre went down after they started taking thyroxine. I have lots of symptoms...have found that taking liquid vitamin d has helped, and am going to start taking B12 upon the advice of people on this fabulous forum. Good luck...try not to worry (easier said than done), as stress makes thyroid symptoms worse in my experience xxx

  • How are you finding that stress is/has effected you and the thyroid disease? When i am stressed my eyes, hands, belly start to swell and get dizzy and brain fogged and feel very ill and puffy. It is so unfair, because the issue that is causing the stress is bad enough, let alone the physical suffering anxiety caused by the physical sensations..so terrible and no doctor seems to know that stress makes the inflammation increase.

  • Make sure they check for thyroid antibodies to see if you have Hashimotos Thyroiditis. In this case, even with so called "normal" labs, treatment with thyroid meds can lower the attack on the thyroid and the thyroid will become smaller.

  • Hi guys!! I am new to the channel. Just to tell you a little bit about me: I have a goiter (benign/non cancerous, 5.4cm), and I was first recommended for a TOTAL thyroidectomy, and put on a hormone pill for the rest of my life. Well that doctor has not seen me since, and it's been 13 years!! I decided about a month ago to get my levels checked, and just to make sure it wasn't cancerous. Everything is working fine! I was then recommended by an Endocrinologist to get half of it removed. So of course before I proceed with the surgery, I am doing research on it again. And I came across this thread. From what I've researched already, it sounds like it is a 50/50 chance that if I get half of my thyroid removed, that the other side may or may not kick in. Or it's a chance the other side could not kick in, and I can become hypo, and still be on meds for the rest of my life!!! So I wanted to know if there is anyone out there living with half of their thyroid, and how you are doing? Does anyone have a cure besides surgery to reduce the size of my goiter without having surgery?? Thanks in advance.........

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