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Does the size of a goitre go down after pregnancy/menopause

Hi all, I'm just reading the British Thyroid Foundation page re. enlarged nodular goitre (which I have). It states that 'women often develop thyroid enlargement during pregnancy and the menopause'. Does the thyroid enlargement go down when pregnancy/menopause have passed? or does it just herald the start of thyroid problems for the future?

I'm feeling very gloomy about having a fat neck - which today feels bigger/lumpier in my throat - can they wax and wane?

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It is normal for the thyroid gland to expand and contract before and after a menstrual period. I suppose a goitre might shrink if pregnancy hormones caused expansion of the goitre but I can't see why a goitre would shrink post menopause.


thanks Clutter!

so I'm stuck with it then! I hoped it might be a temporary condition.

It's not huge, but I wouldn't want it to get any bigger, I already find it uncomfortable to wear round neck clothing and my neck spills over the top of the tighter t-shirts.

My neck is fatter all over - especially under my chin which has become very fluid filled, is that something other people have found. I've also put weight on all over, but my chin and neck seem to have got more than their fair share :-)


The BTF website is about as much use as a chocolate rocket to the sun and back. I avoid it and the BTA site.


thank you Sandy!



is Thyroid UK ok? I had noticed a vast difference in approach between the two sites. Ironically my consultant, who I'm finding a bit immovable, and whose views seem to be very much BTA was a guest speaker for them recently!


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