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blue horizon tests

I sent off for some test kits ages ago and never got around to having them done for various reasons

really want to get it done now but have a few questions

here goes

sent off for T3 T4 and cortisol tests

have read others posts here and know that lots of you have had bloods done for T3 and T4 and I was advised by someone on here re cortisol saliva tests

anyway, when mine arived they were both for urine

the instructions were very complicated and I was v brain fogged so I put it off

I have lost about half my income since January and the tests are very expensive,which also added to my delay

I also read on here about a problem with the results being shredded before being sent out and that also delayed me

I am now at a point where I no longer want to put it off but want to do it as cheaply as possible,so my questions are

Cortisol...Is it cheaper to have the saliva test or urine?

T3 and T4 ...which is cheaper, blood or urine?

and has the problem with the results been ironed out

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I'm not sure about which is cheaper. But I have often thought that very few people posting thyroid results from a urine sample get answers to their questions because so few of us know how to interpret them. We all do much better interpreting blood results.

You might want to look into getting finger prick tests from Blue Horizon. No phlebotomy is required which makes life easier, and I think they are cheaper than some other methods of testing.

Look for thyroid tests at the above site. It is run by Blue Horizon.

With reference to cortisol, you should get this tested using saliva testing. I think Genova does the cheapest saliva test (but please check, I'm making no promises!) :


thank you for your help


Hi Urine is a more exact test.The only one my Endo likes.





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