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Free non prescription medicine for those on free prescriptions!

I just discovered from a friend's facebook post today that the government has a scheme called the Minor Ailments Scheme whereby if you consult a pharmacist regarding a minor ailment of certain types you can get the medicine etc they suggest for the price of a prescription. ie free for kids, oldies and those of us on thyroxin with medical exemption certificates! Apparently they are not allowed to advertise it, but it has been running for 8 years and as the hypothyroid mother of 2 kids with an octogenarian father I am pissed off that no one in the NHS or the chemists has ever mentioned it to me. Boots participate and I think you have to register at the chemists for it but then you can get things like calpol and paracetamol free. The officicial info is here:

Just curious. Is this a well kept secret or common knowledge to the rest of you?

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Not all boots are member of this scheme though but Defo worth an ask!


My chemist offered to go through my medication. and sent his findings to my GP.

As a result my medication was altered.


For the better hopefully?


My local independent chemist told me about this scheme when it first started and I have been registered right from the beginning. One of my facebook friends brought this up a couple of weeks, or so, ago as she had just found out about it. (Wonder if it's the same friend?) It really is a great scheme but I think it is not advertised any longer as the price of so many medications have gone up so much in recent years. And, as we all know, the NHS is in serious financial straits. Still, if you are entitled, get yourself registered!

Barb :-)


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