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Morning body temperature

Could I just check the temperature 'rule'? I am on Levothyroxine and have thought maybe I should increase as I still don't feel brilliant. I am due a blood test in 2 weeks which will hopefully highlight any problem/s but in the meantime, I have been taking my temperature in the mornings as suggested. Over the past week it has averaged at 35.8 - does this show that I am not on a sufficient amount of Levo (still on 50m per day since started 20 months ago)?

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I'm sorry, I don't have an answer, I am just commenting to bring this onto the latest activity..




Thanks Louise. It worked :D


It could indicate that your thyroxine dose isn't high enough but your adrenals could also be playing a part. If your temperature varies a lot during the day, this could be down to tired adrenals. If it is constantly low, thyroid could be the problem.

I was reading somewhere (can't remember where) that it's not just the metabolic effect of thyroid hormone that causes increase in body temperature but also its effect on smooth muscle tissue. Can't remember where I saw it, but it was probably another post on here.

50mg is quite a low dose. Your starting dose should have been increased until your symptoms disappeared (although 'the guidelines' like your TSH to still be within normal range). There is actually no problem with your TSH being a little low even though it seems to scare the doctors sometimes. Many people need their TSH to be below 1 and some need it to be suppressed. If your doctor doesn't want to increase your dose, for whatever reason, we can provide you with information that might educate him. It's not your doctor's fault; they just aren't educated well about thyroid disorders as they have so much else they have to learn.

Bottom line; I suspect you need an increase, but I am not a doctor so please broach this subject with him/her and come back to us if you have any problems getting an increase :)

Carolyn x


Shambles posted about the paper here and Rod has kindly found the paper itself :)

Here's a link to Shambles' post



Thank you for that, I will chat with my Doctor this week about an increase.


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