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Calcium levels

I had a "funny turn" about 3 weeks ago, felt like I was going to pass out and my left side face and mouth felt numb. It happened twice within 30 mins but only lasted 10 seconds or so. My doctor thought I had possibly had a TIA and sent me to the stroke clinic at my local hospital. An MRI scan shows multiple infarcts so I have had previous episodes without knowing. They are obviously following up with blood pressure checks and ecgs but the doctor did comment that my calcium level was high. In the letter he wrote to my doctor corrected serium calcium is 2.7 and PTH 6.4 (he has written within normal range against this measurement. Does anyone with experience of this know whether these measurements are O.K?

I was taking 2 naturethroid but panicked a bit, knowing I had to attend hospital so went back on 100 mcg thyroxine as I did not feel that I wanted to argue my case with anyone at that point. Actually I don't feel much different on either medications, still tired, overweight etc.

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I don't know about if the measurements are ok , but i had hypercalcemia just over 2 yrs ago and after all the test were done i was told that it was due to my Levo dose being to high.My Levo was lowered and my bloods were tested regularly over a 6 month period and the hypercalcemia went away.


HI Calcium is only a little high but tends to cause shakes when too high but i doubt that would at that result. If taking D it can put the calcium too high ?



Your PTH although within range is to high for a calcium of 2.7, with a high calcium your PTH should be very low, as it is high in range you should be asking your GP to refer you to an Endo experienced in hyperparathyroidism to do further tests.


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