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How long does it take for TSH to increase with hashimoto's?

Hi everybody

I'm wondering how long it takes from the start of first hashimoto's attack until the tsh increases. Maybe somebody has been checked a few times for anti tpo and knows when it exactly started.

As far as i know a healthy person has a TSH between 0-1, mine was 2.7 when they found the antibodies.

I am just wondering how long it takes for hypos until diagnosis.

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sadly its often its many years before blood tests shift despite overwhelming symptoms


Your TSH might never rise above the range.


I don't necessarily mean above the range. Any increase compared to a normal person (0-1) level.

Although lab tests say 0-5 is normal, a tsh of 5 is suggestive of hypothyroidsm. I've seen lab tets of many healthy people, their tsh is between 0-1.


I doubt anyone could know the answer to that question, given that everyone is different. With some people it could take years, with others it might be quite rapid. Personally, my antibodies were over a thousand but my TSH was only 11 when I was diagnosed.

As has been said, TSH varies throughout the day and from season to season. But it would also vary according to antibody activity. TSH is a very, very unreliable test.

But if you have high anitbodies, a TSH of 2.7 plus symptoms, you should be treated - in an ideal world. Unfortunately, this world is far from ideal, and doctors think that a TSH should be 10 before treatment, antibodies are of no significance and they have no idea what symptom is!

However, a couple of tips for getting your TSH as high as possible : always have your blood taken in the early morning - as early as possible, but before 9 o'clock. And, Don't eat before the test because that will lower your TSH. :)

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