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Suffering on 150mcg of thyroxine. Need Doctor willing to prescribe NDT in Hove???

Hi there,

I've been taking levothyroxine for 15 years, started when I was 26.

My dosage is 150mcg now, but I feel awful and in truth I don't think I've ever felt completely well.

I regularly have aches and pains, palpitations, foggy brain, irritable and tearful. Great combo!

I'm desperate to try NDT, but need to find a doctor willing to prescribe?

Does anyone know one in the Hove, East Sussex area??

Thank you so much in advance!


Recommendations via private messages please in line with posting guideline #25, thank you.

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Welcome to the forum, Lulu74.

NDT isn't licensed for use in the UK so few NHS doctors will prescribe it. It may be worth asking local pharmacies whether any GP surgeries prescribe Armour, Nature-Throid, WP or Erfa.

Email for a list of private GPs recommended by members but check whether they prescribe NDT before you book a consultation.

If members have recommendations they will send you a private message. You'll get an email alert and red on-site alert above your username when you receive a PM. Click on the red alert and select messages to read them.

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Thank you!


If you've not had a recent blood test request one saying you don't feel well and make the appointment for the earliest possible and leave about 24 hours between taking levo and the test.Taking levo can skew results. Also it is advised not to eat before test.

Also ask for B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate as we are usually deficient and can cause problems too.

Tell your doctor that you have been advised that the addition of some T3 to your T4 may be very helpful and could he please give you a trial of 3 months. He can reduce your T4 by 50mcg and add 20mcg of T3.

Or, if he isn't willing, T3 after all is the active hormone our body needs to function and if T4 isn't doing it's job of converting sufficiently to T3, and to see if it could be an improvement you could purchase some online and trial yourself. The make scare stories about T3, I believe so they don't need to (or they don't want to) prescribe.

If your GP refuses you can post and ask for a Private Message of how/where to source T3 and try.

For information:

You can also read any topics at the top of this page. Some links within the topics may not work but the info is excellent.

If we want to get well, or as best we can, we have to read and learn.

Best wishes.


Thank you Clutter.

I will email Louise Warvill now.

I've just spoken to a pharmacy in Essex who stock all three brands of natural desiccated thyroid, Erfa, nature-throid and Armour - he recommended nature-throid for me, as having Hashimotos, there's a big possibility that I'm gluten intolerant. BUT I need a prescription and then I'm still not sure whether I will have to pay towards this - at £70 for 100 one grain (60mg) tabs. WOW

I'm hoping and praying I can find a Doctor who is willing to prescribe NDT, as all searches to buy independently are proving futile at the moment, I keep drawing a blank.

The natural dispensary has been out of stock for a while now.

Amazon has thyroid support, but no actual NDT, and I really can't think where else to look?

Thanks for any suggestions.



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