Duff batch of Tiromel or dose problem?

Before leaping to conclusions of being over- or undermedicated I would like to check whether my batch of Tiromel is sound. Batch no. is 140004A, expires 04.2016.

My temperature remains all over the place (anywhere from 36.3 to 37.4), pulse is about the same but today I've been having what I'd describe as 'single' palpitations, odd heartbeats that stand out like a flutter. I'm beginning to wonder whether I'm not taking enough but I'm now taking 12.5mcg T3 and 125mcg T4, where previously I was taking 150mcg T4 only. I feel slow and low, my appetite has gone for a burton and I'm still losing more hair in the shower than I think I should be (about ten times more than my husband; my hair's only slightly longer).

So, duff batch of Tiromel or something else?



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  • Should probably add that I'm currently battling a sinus infection too.

  • Hose, I can't help you with the batch no. mine is different. If you were optimally medicated on 150mcg T4 you might be slightly overmedicated now as 12.5mcg T3 is equivalent to 37.5mcg T4.

    It takes about 6 weeks to metabolise T3. How long have you been taking it?

  • About 4 weeks now. But my bloods prior to this were t3 at 3.8 (3.5-5.5), t4 at 18.9 (10-19.8). I usually exercise a lot but the sinus thing has put the kibosh on that at the moment. But still so cold and pulse not noticeably more rapid.

  • Hose, 12.5mcg could push you over on T3 and T4 but I doubt it would be enough to make you feel so unwell. I think the sinus infection may be laying you low. I hope it clears soon.

  • Hi hose, I have the same batch as you. It's early days for me using tiromel. I was using Mexican T3 before it ran out and was very symptomatic.

    I have to say my temperatures are all over the place too. I've fallen back into the 35's on some days. I've been so concerned about this I took my temp after taking 2 x 25mcg of Tiromel, in two hours it only raised my temperature by .2 degrees. Not sure if this is normal on T3? I get a better temperature when I've taken hydrocortisone, but overall still very unstable. I've gone from 35 - 36.7 in a day. Nothing makes sense. I've just started a new pack and feel like I'm sleepwalking rather than being awake.

    How is your iron, B12 etc etc? I find this makes a huge difference.

  • They're all just fine, thanks. No action needed there!

  • Do you have adrenal problems hose? Have you ever had an adrenal stress profile test?

    I've found over the last 4 years on all types of thyroid meds at scary doses that nothing has fixed my symptoms. Only two things have gotten me warmer and that's iron and hydrocortisone.

  • No, I haven't had that tested yet. Got the kit but keep forgetting to do it!

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