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Trumpet call............ Results!!!!!!!!!!

Firstly thank you very very much for all your replies. They are much appreciated!

So here goes

23 Feb

Ferretin 34 No action required but told it wouldn't hurt to take a supplement. I started but it upset my tum, going to look for the gentle ones as suggested previously.

Free T4 17.7 pmol/L

TSH 2.35 mIU/L

17 March

Vit D 39.0 told to take two 10 mg or ug or what ever that upturned h thing means.

B12 342 No action reqd

Have a field day :-D xox

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Oh dear, even without ranges, your ferritin & B12 are woeful. Did they give you/print you the ranges - usually they are in brackets after the result?

Ferritin needs to be at least 70, my hair didn't stop falling out til I got to 80.

B12 needs to be above 700 - in the far East the range doesn't start til 700! Get some methylcobalamin.

Vit D, can't remember the ranges that are usually used but needs work!

& you need more thyroid meds too :-)

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Wow! I was on the phone and didn't think to ask what the range was. I have a print out for thyroid.

Where do i get Methylcobalamin from - online? Any particular brand better than another. I would dearly love not to have a thin patch at the front of my hairline!!!


Yes, Amazon have it, Jarrows is good. I think there is a link to Amazon on the main page so that Thyroid UK get a little bit back

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It's amazing how low our vitamins/minerals can get but as long as they're i nrange GP doesn't bother. Because we have autoimmune condition(s) it is essential that they are towards the top of the range not somewhere towards the bottom.

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The vitamin D protocol for my area says 3,200iu a day at your level. You might want to google for the protocol for your area.


I've tried googling but not having much luck. Is there a link you have at all? I am certainly not having anything remotely near that high!! I'm taking 800 IU at the moment!!!!!!


If you PM me where you live, i'll happily have a look for you.


No action required,haha. Good old nhs. With levels like that I dont know how you are functioning. I echo what others have already posted.


Eeeeek, who says I am!!!!!


The Greek letter mu μ is used to mean micro in science. Micro- is one millionth.

In medicine, it is common to see use of mc – at least partly because typewriters and early computers could not handle Greek letters well, if at all. (Well, real Greek ones might have been able to, but English and American ones couldn’t.)

Science and medicine often overlap, therefore, we see μg and mcg both meaning microgram.

[ Given the continuing inconsistency of computers, web browsers, etc., some people might not see exactly the same as I do. ]


Thank you :-) x


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