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testosterone test female

I have had zero libido and no desire, sexual thoughts etc for nine years and only got diagnosed hashimotos last year after lots of symptoms and visits to dr surgery. im on 100mg of levo and my last tsh was 2.8 which is too high still. I decided to bite the bullet and have my testosterone tested privately. my blood results came back testosterone *1.0 range is (0-1.8 nmol/l) so although i'm in the range i looked up a web page that suggests normal healthy testosterone levels for women at (2.0-4.0) for returning libido to normal here is the link to look at

has anyone else got similar problems or had treatment for this or can interpret my results pls


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I had mine tested privately and mine was on the bottom of the range. Have you had your DHEA levels checked? I believe they are linked with testosterone. My DHEA was nearly non existent! I never figured out what to do about it so focused on fixing adrenals and thyroid as these are so all linked so I figured if I get them better I can see if the others resolve too.

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i agree because nhs drs wont just hand out testosterone patches etc plus worries about using them on women as opposed to men. so am working on getting thyroid to normal levels.

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